Sugarholic Cafe, Aberdeen Center, Richmond

August is my best friend’s birthday. We went to Sugarholic Cafe to celebrate her birthday.


Sugarholic Cafe is an Asian style cafe which serves desserts and also Asian style dishes.


We noticed the staff here are quite young looking.


Since Polly loves little cakes, we went for the 3 Tier Dessert Set.


The above are the list of tea that we can choose from. The 3 Tier Dessert Set comes with 2 choice of herbal tea.


The above was recommendation by the server; Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea. The fruit include apple, kiwi, pineapple and orange. We enjoyed this tea.


Our second choice is Red Dates with Longan Tea. I like this tea as it good for blood circulation.

The tea comes with a free refill.


Here is our 3 Tier Dessert Set. When we told the server it’s for the celebration of Polly’s birthday, we were given an extra piece of dessert. The original set is made of 18 pieces of dessert.


We started off with the savory tier in the middle. It has crisp potato and corn katsu with a tomato aioli. The puff pastry square is filled with sweet egg omelette. The last piece is tuna with mayo on top of a light flaky pastry. We were able to enjoy one each of this tier as it comes with two pieces each.


The bottom tier is filled with sweet treats which are not overly sweet. It includes mango mouse cake, cherry dessert cup, a silky and custardy dessert cup, a three layered mouse of white chocolate, mango and green tea dessert cup and a two layer brownie. The cake and brownie comes in a pair while all the dessert in a cup comes in single. Polly and I do not mind sharing them.


A closer look at the silky and custardy dessert.


The creme brulee is topped with blueberry and raspberry instead of a layer of crackling sugar.


The extra piece of cake; a triple layer coffee mouse cake.


The topped layer is made up of blueberry mouse on top of a cookie crisp, mango moose pastry cup, coffee flavoured macaroon and chocolate pastry cup. The macaroon is the sweet dessert among the rest.

This is a good place to hang out with your best friend and enjoy some Asian style dessert.

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