Steveston Cannery Cafe on Moncton St, Richmond

Polly had to drive her twin daughters to the Richmond Oval for a class field trip.  It’s almost lunch time before Polly and I met for our cake meet.   We had to go to somewhere nearby as we only have two hours before Polly have to pick her girls up from school.  So, we headed to Steveston Village.


We decided to have a light lunch at Steveston Cannery Cafe located at 3611 Moncton St.  The Steveston Cannery Cafe is a cute building with very festives decorations on it’s windows.  That reminds me of Christmas is coming soon.


The menu is written on black boards high above the counter.  It is a self service place.  You place your order at the cashier, pay for your order and pick up your order there and then.  It is a very down to earth family run cafe.


Since we wanted only light lunch, we had the Soup of the Day which is squash soup each.  The soup with a seedy roll costs $4.65.  You can just have the soup alone which costs slightly less.  The squash soup is slightly spicy with lots of pepper.  If you like squash soup, try out this Butternut Squash Apple Soup recipe.


When we entered the cafe, we saw one of the customer was having a cinnamon bun and who can resist a gooey cinnamon bun.  It looks good and we decided to order one to share.   We were quite disappointed as we got an end piece which is very small.  The cinnamon roll costs $2.95.


Looking at the size of the cinnamon bun, we ordered another item to share.  It is a Date Square.  This one just costs $1.95.  This is not very sweet and definitely value for money.  The total bill only came to $15.
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The above is the google street view of Steveston Cannery Cafe.


After lunch, we walked down to the Steveston Harbour for a stroll.  Look, what we found.  We saw two beautiful swans under the bridge.


The swan is so used to people that it came so near to look for food, I guess.

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  1. LotusRapper

    I remember them. I used to go there a lot more. They have very well-made (to order) sandwiches.

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