Kari House Restaurant on Bayview St., Richmond

When Polly and I took a walk at the Steveston Harbour after dining at the Steveston Cannery Cafe, we walked pass this Kari House Restaurant by the water on Bayview & No. 1 Road in Steveston Village.  Polly had eaten at this Malaysian restaurant before and she enjoyed the view from the restaurant.  I have never dine here before.


What caught our attention is the new dishes brochure displayed on the front glass panel besides the lunch special for only $6.95.


Polly loves black vinegar pork knuckle.  It looks so scrumptious and makes ones mouth watering just thinking of the sourness of the vinegar.  So, we return to Steveston Village the very next week to try out this dish.


Kari House Restaurant has a very nice spot with a great harbour view.  The decor is very tropical with a wall painted with coconut trees and tropical scenery and the ceiling is covered with some fishing nets.  It is very bright with ceiling to floor glass panels facing the harbour.


Without hesitation, we ordered the Black Vinegar Pork Knuckle which priced at $12.95.  We ordered a bowl of rice to with this dish.  We were a bit … disappointed as it did not turn out to be we expected.  We expect a very vinegarish dish with darker sauce.  Their version is more garlicky and a little spicy.


Their version is very meaty, I mean it came boneless. Nevertheless, this dish is great with steamed rice.  It’s just not the dish we are looking for.


We also ordered one of their lunch special as we feel too cheap just to order one dish even though we really do not want so much food.  Polly selected one with fish which called Nasi Kandar.  Nasi Kandar is a traditional style light curry with green beans, potato and tofu puff.  You have a choice for the meat, chicken or fish.

There are about 14 items on their lunch special which they serve from 11 am to 3 pm.  The lunch special is served with steamed rice and green salad.  We can see that quite a number of customers ordered their lunch special.  It was value for money.


The total bill came to $25 with tips and tax. This is a good place to grab a lunch below $10 … and it came with a view too.



The above are the take-out menus from Kari House Restaurant. Click on it for the enlarge view.

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  1. bill

    That black vinegar pork knuckles looks sad. They should take some lesson from my mother-in-law.

  2. Ed Lau

    I went to this place about a year ago and did not like it at all. My curry was rather bland and had an overwhelming taste of ginger.

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