Cafe de lÓrangerie on Granville St. and W 70 Ave

Polly and I had been to this location before when it was Italia Deli & Cafe. Italia Deli & Cafe was closed down and replaced by Chloe Cafe which is a Vietnamese Cafe. Now, it is taken over by Cafe de l’Orangeri. The name sounds like French but it is a Japanese Fusion Cafe. Upon entrance, there were magazines on a rack which are mostly in Japanese.


The server told us that they had opened for 10 months. The server speaks Japanese. We also noticed a couple of customers who speak Japanese.


The Cafe de lÓrangerie serves typical cafe food like sandwich, panini, salad, soup, etc.


Of course, Polly and I came here for their coffee, desserts and cakes. There is not a lot of choices for desserts and cakes though.


It is clean and the decor is more modern now, compare to Italia Deli & Cafe. It was quiet on a Monday morning. We were there early, about 9:30 AM. It seats about 20 with 3 sofas and 4 counter seats.


They have pictured menu which are homemade and new addition items are … hand written. The menu is clickable to view in larger size.


There is a Japanese style breakfast item called Yamato Style Breakfast. Some of the breakfast menu items have weekday special price from 8 to 11 am; i.e they are $1 cheaper.


Polly and I decided to have White Chocolate Mocha for our drink. It is $4.35 for a medium size cup. The White Chocolate Mocha is creamy and chocolatey.


We decided to order a breakfast item to try. We ordered the Pancake Plate Special for $6.50. It came with 3 pancakes, 2 bacon and 2 scrambled eggs and few slices of oranges.

The pancake is unlike the western style pancake which is thicker. It reminds me of the pancakes that we made at home during our childhood. The pancake has crispy edges and they are thin. It is served with syrup. We enjoyed the pancake a lot.


The bacon is nicely cooked to a crisp. The scrambled eggs are light and fluffy. This is something I will order again.


We also ordered a Fried Shrimp Sandwich to try. Actually, what I wanted was a shrimp toast as what I saw on the Flip magazine. The magazine said that this item is available only on weekday lunch. But when I asked for it, the server said that we can order it. They just need sometime as they had to heat up the oil for frying. It did not turn out to be what I had imagined which is a slice of bread in triangle shape topped with shrimp paste and deep fried.

The Fried Shrimp Sandwich is $4.99.


Nevertheless, the Fried Shrimp Sandwich is very good. The battered shrimp is deep fried to crispy and the shrimp flavour really came through. I will order this again if I come back.


For dessert, Polly and I had their signature Tart de lÓrangerie. It is $4.35 per slice. You can get the whole tart for $26.50. The tart looks very sweet. But look is deceiving. It is not very sweet but bursting with citrus flavour. The crust is flaky.


We also ordered a slice of Pear and Caramel Cake to try. This is $4.25. It is served slightly warm.


They do accept credit card.


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  1. 3rensho

    Who are “Poly and I” ??? What happened to Ben???

  2. liz

    I’m sorry but I’m picturing Ben with his feet soaking in a tub of hot water after walking miles in Beijing.

    1. 3rensho

      He’s been home for a while now.

      1. liz

        I know but he must be recuperating!

        1. Ben

          Oh am soooo sorry for missing in action. Been really-really up to my neck with work every since I took up this China project. So work is consuming my life right now. Suanne is holding the fort on chowtimes until I get over this hump … God knows when at the rate things are going. Sigh … I must also add that I am having a blast at work. LOL!


          1. LotusRapper

            As long as you’re enjoying it, that’s what counts !

            Suanne’s doing fine holding down the fort, btw, hehe.

    2. Ben

      Liz: This is sooo spooky. One of the next posts I was gonna write about was just the same thing you mentioned … walking miles … and feet soaking in a hot tub of water. If I find the time, I’ll write about it soon!

  3. cmee8

    Hi Suanne,
    Everything looks n sounds delicious. Thnx for another Marpole find which is an alternative to Flo. BTW have u been to Flo’s Rmd location across fr The Bay?

    1. Suanne

      Hi cmee88, I have noticed the change of restaurant at the old Ginger and Garlic Restaurant to Flo but I have not visit it yet.

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