Steveston Coffee Co. on Moncton St, Richmond

Jean, my ex-neighbour called me out for coffee. We had not meet since she moved away last October. Time really flies. It’s great to get together again.


I decided to go Steveston Coffee Co. in Richmond since I have not been to this place before but heard that they have good coffee. There are many cafes and coffee shops in the Steveston Village, like Waves Coffee, Blenz Coffee, Starbucks, Alegria Cafe & Giftware, Steveston Cannery Cafe, Rocanini, to name a few.

Steveston Coffee came up as number 1 in the Best Coffee (Independent) category in the Best of Richmond Review’s Readers’ poll 2011, follow by Bean and Beyond and La Cuisson.


The aroma of coffee permeated the coffee shop the moment we step inside it. Steveston Coffee Co. also sells house roasted organic coffee beans, in the range of $14 per pound. Like many self service cafe, … you order and pay at the counter and help yourself with condiments and cutleries. They serve sandwiches, soup and baked goods. They only accept cash or debit card.


Jean was all prepared for the meet up as she brought a 2 for 1 coupon for a 16oz latte or mocha coupon. Both of us had the latte. They are good latte.

Talking about coupon, Jean and I talked about the coupon culture in the USA. I had seen news/documentary about such coupon fanatics who even catalog the coupons. I do collect coupons but most of the time I never use them. I would say I only use 1% of the coupon I collect. Jean told me that she even heard of people in the USA who did dumpster diving for coupons. I was surprised to hear that in the USA, sometimes, people get cash back for using coupons as the price is lower than the coupon.


Jean is a not a dessert girl. She did not want to get any dessert. So, I just got a Chocolate Cake to share with her. Steveston Coffee Co. has a number of baked goods, mostly squares in their buffet. Most of the baked goods are around $2 to $2.50. The chocolate cake above is $1.95.

We had a great time catching up with one another. We will definitely do this again.


You may click on the menu above to view them larger.

Steveston Coffee Co. on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

7 days a week

8:00AM to 5:30PM

8 thoughts on “Steveston Coffee Co. on Moncton St, Richmond

  1. I’ve always enjoyed the beans from Steveston Coffee Co. Our favourites are the Bolivian and the Steveston Blend. The key is to purchase whole beans (they are roasted daily, IIRC), and grind just before using.

  2. Re: couponing

    It is making news now, but most people aren’t taking those extreme measures. It means you’ll be eating a lot of processed food if you do use a lot of coupons!

    • Hi etranger: Ever since Suanne mentioned this couponing thing, I managed to watch one such episode on TV. It is amazing to really see that happening and have such a big following. There was this guy who has a whole garage converted into a store just to keep this stuff. I wonder how he plans to finish using 200 bottles of shampoo. Ben

      • Wouldn’t that just be another form of hording?

        BTW Ben where are you posts, long time since I seen one from you, not since your trip to China. I miss your restaurant reviews (Suannes’ are good too but yours are more varied and random)

      • Hi Sunny: I think I can find time after today to work on posts! Been real busy these days and it is getting even busier. I will share more about it with everyone when I get the chance … tomorrow, I hope! Ben

  3. I was curious if there are any coffee drinkers that can comment on their beans. I usually get mine from Casa del Caffe or Kafka’s in Vancouver (… but I live in Richmond). Thanks.

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