Fenders Restaurant at the Richmond Automall

Polly and I met at the Fenders Restaurant in the Richmond Automall for breakfast simply because Polly has a car maintenance appointment at the automall. I think this is the only restaurant in the area. It caters for the surrounding businesses.


Fenders opens early on weekday i.e. at 7:00 AM. I have not visited this place although I had been to the automall for car maintenance many times. If it’s a short wait like less than 2 hours, I’ll just wait in the shop. Otherwise, if it’s a long wait like 4 hours, I’ll take the┬ácourtesy bus to Richmond Center.


Fenders is pretty big to my surprise. The section where I’m seated is very bright. There is even a private area that can be partitioned off for private party. The other side of the dining area has booth seats.


The breakfast menu is typical western style with eggs, bagel, pancake, french toast, etc.


The lunch and dinner menu include sandwiches, burgers, pasta and Chinese food. You can click on the menu to view them larger.


They also have a breakfast and lunch special menu. We did order one of the breakfast special item from above.


We had the French Toast with Coffee or Tea for $6.75. Coffee by itself is … $2.25. There were 3 slices of French Toast and top with grilled banana with is a nice touch.


We also ordered a Corn Beef Hash to share. The Corn Beef Hash is made up of 2 eggs, corn beef, onion, green peppers with pan-fried potato and toast. We had brown bread for the toast. The above is $8.75.


I had the sunny side up egg with my toast. The slightly runny yolk is just perfect as spread for the toast.


Since Fenders also serves Chinese food, there is this soy sauce on the table which is a very unlikely condiment in a diner. Ben will love this as he likes to eat his sunny side up eggs with soy sauce.


Service is prompt and the server keeps coming back to check if we need anymore coffee. The bill came to $20 before tips. Fenders accepts credit card and you have to pay at the front counter.

Fenders Restaurant on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

Monday to Thursday: 7:00AM to 6:45PM
Friday: 7:00AM to 5:45PM
Saturday: 7:00AM to 2:45PM
Sunday: 10:00AM to 2:45PM
Holidays: Closed

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  1. etranger

    The corned beef has looks good, like someone actually made it and didn’t just open a can! Was it good?

    1. Suanne

      Hi etranger, the corned beef hash was good.

      1. WS

        Was the french toast good? Are there many breakfast establishments in Vancouver serving corned hash?

        1. Suanne

          Hi WS, I do enjoy the french toast as I have sweet tooth. I’m not sure about breakfast establishments in Vancouver that serve corned hash as our favourite breakfast is usually HK style cafes, dim sums or cakes, not so much on western style breakfast.

          1. WS

            Thanks. First heard about corned beef hash & how it’s made authentically from the Triple D show on Food Network. In my town(Montreal), I’m only aware of one restaurant serving it(I haven’t tried it there, so I’m not sure they do it the real way).

          2. WS

            LotusRapper, did you eat up trying any good authentic corned beef hash in Vancouver, based on suggestions on BC Chowhound(or anywhere else)?

          3. LotusRapper

            I plan to go to Deacon’s Corner & Jethro’s when I can ­čÖé

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