Nando’s in Coppersmith, Richmond

ChowtimesNoWord32x32Complete Disclosure: This meal is complimentary from coupons from Vancover Slop.

Nanzaro and I had lunch at Nando’s on a Sunday afternoon. Arkensen was doing his homework and he asked for take out for his lunch.


The Nando’s that we visited is the one in Coppersmith, where Canadian Tire is. There are plenty of parking here.


The reason we picked Nando’s for lunch is because I still have 3 complimentary coupons from Vancouver Slop during the launching of his new blog or something like that.


We were there early as usual. So, there is no wait and plenty of tables to choose from. By around 1 PM, the place is full.  The decoration in Nando’s is warm and rustic.


You order at the counter and paid for your food there. You will be handed your utensils and a number stand. You are free to pick any table. The server will bring the food to your table.


You can help yourself with any condiments on the condiment table. Of course, Nanzaro picked the Peri-peri hot sauce.


I ordered a Peri Nuts to munch while waiting for our main meal. A small bag of the Peri Nuts costs $3. It consists of almond, cashew nut and macadamia nut and coated with some tangy, smoky and savory seasonings. Nanzaro commented some of the nuts are quite salty when there is too much seasoning on them. I found that they are quite addictive as I finished the leftovers that we brought home.


Nanzaro ordered the Quarter Chicken Breast with Wing with Fries. When you placed your order, they will ask you the level of spiciness you desired. Of course, Nanzaro asked for spicy hot. The chicken looked a bit small… as you can see how skinny was the wing. Nanzaro enjoyed the chicken very much especially the spiciness. I could see his nose was dripping from the spiciness of it.


I ordered their Chicken Sandwich and asked for spicy hot. The grilled chicken is sandwich in a crusty bread with lettuce and tomatoes. The heat intensified and I could really feel my lips burning. For those who cannot take the heat are advised to order the mild version.


My side of Potato Wedges was really big. I packed most of them home. My Chicken Sandwich meal with one side is $9.


We ordered the Double Leg with Fries for take out for Arkensen. We ordered the mild version as Arkensen does not like spicy food that much. The Double Leg is $8 by itself.

We ordered the take out at the end of our meal and by that time, the restaurant was very busy. The take out order took 15 to 20 minutes to be ready.


We like that Nando’s uses environment friendly take out boxes.


Nanzaro likes the Peri-Peri Hot Sauce so much that he asked me to get him a bottle. The hot sauce costs $4.69 plus tax.

On our way out, we noticed that families meals like whole chicken with the large size sides and share the meals.


You can click on the menu to check out Nando’s share platters.

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    Awesome. I’ve been sad since the Nando’s in Los Angeles closed. I’m definitely trying the one in Richmond the next time I’m up there.

    Have you seen the awesome (and controversial) “Last Dictator Standing” commercial for got banned in Nigeria? Too funny!

    1. Ben

      LOL! That was (kind of) funny. 🙂

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