Adonia Tea House in Kerrisdale, Vancouver

Polly and I went to Adonia Tea House for another high tea. We enjoyed the mini high tea at The Secret Garden Tea that we want to try more.


Driving past the area, we would not have figured that Adona is a tea house. From the earthy tone building and a name like Adonia, we would have thought that this is a Greek restaurant.


Adonia Tea House is decorated with flower wall paper and very lady like decoration. We believe that this is Chinese owned as we heard some of the people behind the counter speak in Mandarin.


It’s all about the beautiful tea cup, saucer and plate when coming to English tea.


Polly and I went for the mini high tea for $17.00 per person. The mini high tea comes with a sampling of 7 pieces of mini sweets and savories accompanied by your choice of tea. Unlike The Secret Garden Tea, we are not allowed …to  choose our items. So, we practically get a double of each item for the two of us.


The tea here is kept warm with tealight candle. Polly ordered a Green Tea Gingko which has a herbalish flavour.


I asked for recommendation from the server and she suggested 3 for me. I picked one of them but did not take note of the tea because the server told me that the tea menu can be found on their website. However when I tried to look for it when I got home, I could not find it on their menu. Anyway, my tea tasted just like regular tea, no specific flavour to it.


Adonia serves rock sugar for sweetener for the tea. We found that they dont melt as easily as cube sugar. Need to give it a good stir.


Service wise, it’s not as attentive as The Secret Garden Tea. We have to wave down the server to ask for our teapot to be refilled. Perhaps the place was too busy at that time. We also noticed that the customer base here is more Asian.


We started off the the savory items. The first was Egg Sandwich. It was a tall sandwich. We have to compress it in order to bite into it and the egg filings were squeezed out.


The next item we tried was the Cucumber Sandwich. Pardon me for forgetting to take the picture. The cucumber sandwich was filled with multiple paper thin sliced cucumber and it was refreshing. The last sandwich was Ham and Cheese Sandwich which we have nothing to comment on.


The last savory item was Chicken Croissant. The croissant was crispy. What we like was that the slice of apple in it which complements the chicken well. Polly liked it so much that on our way home, she bought croissant and a gourmet chicken patty from Costco to make this for her kids.


We then move on to the mini sweets. There were two brownies in our mini sweets. The one on the left was Brownie with Walnut and Pine Nut. It was dryísh and crumbly. The one on the right is just called brownie. This was more moist and more cocoa flavour. We preferred the one on the right.


We had one each of the above Strawberry Cake. It is topped with a raspberry instead. I guess a strawberry is way too big for such a mini cake.


We had to share the Lemon Meringue Pie as there is only one. We dont mind sharing since we just want to get a taste of everything.


The last item was Fruit Tart. The tart base was very hard, like a crusty cookie. It has a custard filling.


Although we get more pieces here, I find that the quality of the mini sweets are better in The Secret Garden Tea in my opinion. You get more value for your money here though. Adonia accepts credit cards.


Besides high tea, Adonia also serves soup, salad and sandwiches.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    I’d be interested in your opinion of Applewood’s high tea in comparison to the 2 you have tried. They are a bit out of your way in North Delta but highway access is good.

  2. Kayce

    I was just thinking of making a visit to Adonia, good timing! Looks like the experience at Secret Garden was a bit better… Maybe I’ll go there instead. Ahaha~

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