The Coffee Well at Westminster Hwy and Tiffany Blvd, Richmond

Updated 3rd Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Polly and I went to The Coffee Well for our cake meet. We had been to this location when it was Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store back in October 2008. This is a very quiet strip mall.


The Coffee Well belongs to The Suburban Well as the receipt is by the name The Suburban Well.


We found out about The Coffee Well through their advertisement on the Richmond Reviews paper. For the opening, there is a 15% discount coupon in the advertisement.  They had just opened for three weeks when we were there on Halloween day.


There is not much change in the interior except the groceries were gone and replaced with some sofas.


The Coffee Well serves all day breakfast for $3.94. We did not try that though.


We ordered their combo meals. A soup and sandwich combo is $8 while a coffee and cake combo is $4. For the sandwich, it’s build your own sandwich.


For the soup and sandwich combo, we had the Potato and Bacon Soup. The other soup which was available that day was Hamburger Soup. It was …a hardy soup with lots of chunky potatoes and bacon bits. It’s a little spicy and smoky. It’s a bit too thick though for my liking.


For the sandwich, we picked a marble rye turkey sandwich. The sandwich is huge with lots of filings. I definitely cannot finish a whole sandwich by myself. Luckily we were sharing the meal.


The Coffee and Cake combo is a pretty good deal for $4.


You help yourself with the coffee at a self serve station. The coffee is not bad.


The cream cheese frosting in the Red Velvet Cake was sinfully rich.


Our second piece of cake was a Caramel Cake. It has dates in it. The soft caramel is so sweet and fragrance. I like both the cakes.


The Coffee Well accepts credit cards. Unfortunately, the machine broke down on the day we were there.

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  1. June tan lin

    Hi Suanne, thanks for sharing this article on the super delicious cakes and soup. Ironically I am not much of a sweet toothed person (maybe it’s the calories) but occasionally, I love to sit in a warm cosy cafe and enjoy in solitude with a good cup of coffee and a slice of cake or just a bowl of hot soup.

    The picture of the caramel cake shown above is yummy and the fact that it has dates makes it more interesting. I will now keep an eye open whenever I get to visit a cake shop herein Singapore to check if it has caramel cakes with real dates!!

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