Christmas Luncheon at Starry Night behind Costco in Richmond

Emily S invited me and Lorna to a Christmas luncheon of a non-profit organization that she joined. The luncheon includes a talk on western dining etiquette and lucky draw. We came with the impression of paying the meal on our own but at the end, Emily S paid for us. Emily, thank you for Christmas luncheon and the talk on the dining etiquette was very informative.


We had visited Starry Night when it just opened. We visited the restaurant in February 2010. We enjoyed the food there during our first visit.


The decoration truely reflects the name of the restaurant. The ceiling is decorated like a starry night and it’s quite romantic.


The restaurant has 2 fire places which gives you a welcoming warm feeling in the cold winter days.


There is only 2 options for the luncheon; chicken or steak. Lorna opted for the steak. The luncheon is a standard price of $15 per person. I’m not sure if this is on their regular menu or it’s a negotiated group luncheon arrangement. The steak is big and it’s quite tender with a medium rare doneness. There was some grilled asparagus and a stuffed half tomato that comes with the steak.


I opted for the Chicken lunch which came with grilled lady fingers, half a stuffed tomato and mashed potato. The grilled chicken is crispy outside but tender inside. It is served with a marinara sauce. I did share the food with Lorna and I got to taste both the chicken and the steak. It was an enjoyable luncheon with friends and the best part is the 3 of us, Emily, Lorna and I were lucky that day as we all won something to bring home.

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  1. Ben

    Oh? What did you win?

    1. Suanne

      Well, I got a pack of shot glasses which I gave to another friend of Emily who came with her. Lorna got a $50 cash coupon from Tammy’s Beauty which she gave to me but I do not have any use of. Sometimes, it’s not the gift prize that matters. It’s the feel of feeling lucky.

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