Pho Han on Capstan Way, Richmond

Pho Han was opened in the summer of 2011, i.e. it had opened for 6 months already. I had noticed of a new Vietnamese restaurant sign on my way to Costco Richmond via Garden City Road many times but I just cant see the restaurant.


Apparently, Pho Han is located on Capstan, just around the corner of  the strip mall where Manzo and Prata Man is. It is obscured from view if you travel along Garden City Road.


Finally, I had to look up for this new Vietnamese restaurant since Arkensen and Nanzaro is so picky. My life back here is so boring without Ben to over rule the boys. I can only have either Hong Kong style cafe food or Vietnamese food since I came back from Beijing.

This place is not big. It seats 24. The service is a little slow though. When we were there, there is only a table of one that is not served yet and we waited quite a bit for the food to arrive.


The condiments are as usual but we really like the chili. We like it’s texture and taste which is not too spicy. It’s like there is shallots and garlic in it.


The beansprouts and basil are fresh, along with sliced jalapeno and lime wedges.


For appetizer, I ordered a Banh Mi to share. The Banh Mi here is only $2.99. I opted for the grilled pork version. The baguette lives up to the expectation to be crunchy and crumbly when bitten into it. I will certainly get a  Banh Mi again.


I wanted to try their coffee and ordered an iced coffee with condensed milk for Arkensen and I intended to just take a few sip. The iced coffee actually came last. It was a very strong coffee even to my standard but I enjoyed it. Arkensen did not like it as it’s too bitter for him. He only likes McDonald’s iced coffee or Tim Horton’s iced cappuccino. The iced coffee was $2.99.


Arkensen ordered a Sliced Rare Beef and Beef Balls in Noodle Soup. This is the first time I encountered the rare beef to be served hanging on the side of the bowl. I guess this is to ensure that the beef is not cooked by the time they bring it to the table.


Arkensen ordered the large bowl for $6.75 and he commented that it is not as large as other Vietnamese restaurant. I tasted some of the soup and it was very tasty despite that they put up a sign that there is no msg.


I ordered a Spring Roll and Grilled Minced Pork on Vermicelli for $6.99. This is served with a fish sauce. There were some salad on the side. This is a big serving. The spring roll is crunchy  as expected. I was surprised that I can finished the whole bowl.


Nanzaro ordered the Bun Bo Hue for $7.25. He asked for no pork blood. I like the soup which is lemon grassy and spicy enough.


When we were there, we noticed the sign above. The prices here are already very reasonable and with the 15% discount after 6pm, it is worth a try. Check out their menu below.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


Pho Han accepts credit cards.

Pho Han on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

7 days a week
11:00am to 9:00pm

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  1. Ben

    OK, go tell Arkensen and Nanzaro that we’re going to Sichuan next week. And if they protest, tell them no more HK Style Cafe for 6 months. LOL!

  2. hungry in tsawwassen

    $30 meal for 3 people. Pretty hard to beat that!


    That’s pretty smart what they did with the beef. I always ask for my beef on the side so it’s not overcook when I get it. Did you personally ask them or it’s the way the restaurant work? I don’t know how other ethnicity would feel about this. People that aren’t “Asian” are really scared of eating raw things. Some pho restaurants i notice have warning sign that it’s not safe to consume raw beef LOL

    1. Suanne

      Hi Fatpanda, we did not ask for the beef to be served on the side. It’s the restaurant style of serving.

  4. May

    Wow, another new (kinda) pho restaurant! The hanging beef is a smart idea. I read your review of Pho Ten and am glad you went (hope it was because of my comment :). I just tried their pho for the first time and found the soup to be a little lighter than other restaurants but good overall. I think I’ll give Pho Han a go next time.

  5. Vina

    Thank you for posting about this little restaurant. Went there today and loved it! I had pho, spring rolls and banh mi. The soup is lighter than other restaurants,but I liked how there were lots of greens/herbs in it. The bowl seem smaller than other restaurants,but they pack the meat in there! Everything was fresh and delicious. It’s unfortunate that I do not have a second stomach to eat more. Hubby and I were very satisfied and we will no longer drive all the way to Vancouver for banh mi!

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