Dim Sum at Good Eat Seafood Restaurant on Leslie Road, Richmond

Polly and I planned to go to Kim Ga Nae to try their $7.99 for 5 items lunch special. Unfortunately, when we arrived at 11:00 AM, Kim Ga Nae is not opened yet. So, I went down to go to the door to check their opening hours. What I found is a hand written note on the door that says “Temporary Closed”.  Later,I found out that they are closed for renovation.


With plan A dashed, we had to quickly came up with a plan B. Since we were in the area, I suggested we go to Good Eat Seafood Restaurant for dim sum since I have not been to this restaurant before.

Good Eat Seafood Restaurant is tucked in a small mall area on Leslie Road. It is not a very visible location. Parking is quite limited for this restaurant. There is parking in front, on the side and at the back of the restaurant.


When we arrived at around 11:00AM, the restaurant is not busy. It’s about 1/3 full. But by 12:00PM, this place started to fill up. We noticed most of the customers are Chinese seniors.

We saw a sign on the wall that says this restaurant allows customers to bring their own liquor with a corkage charge of $5.


We like that this restaurant uses real table cloth instead of the plastic ones for quick clean up. The cutleries here showed their age. There is a dollar per person tea charge for the dim sum.


The regular dim sum here ranges from $2.50 to $2.95 while the chef’s specials range from $4.95 to $6.95. Some chef specials items come in 2 sizes where the larger size ranges from $9.95 to $10.95.


We selected 5 items to share. The first item is … Deep Fried Lotus Roots Cake. This is $2.50.


The Lotus Roots Cake is made with chopped up lotus roots, pork, mushroom, cilantro and perhaps some fish paste that binds the patty together, coat in panko and deep fried. This is very good. It does not taste oily and has a good crunch to it.


Next is the Fish Roll in Fish Soup for $2.50. Three pieces of Fish Roll in bean curd skin in a tasty Fish Soup. The Fish Roll is quite springy. This is served piping hot.


Polly wanted to try the Pan Fried White Radish Cake. This is a very popular Chinese New Year snacks. This plate of 4 pieces is $2.50. I had blogged about the recipe for this cake which also known as Chinese Turnip Cake (Lo Bak Go) here.


The Pan Fried White Radish Cake has dried shrimps and Chinese sausage in it which gives a distinctive flavour to it.


For the chef’s suggestions, we ordered the Rice with Mince Pork & Fish in Soup. The small size bowl is $4.95. This is our family’s comfort food. Rice in Soup. This dish has a unique flavour from the Chinese celery which resembles the flavour of cilantro.


We ended the meal with Baked Egg Tart. 3 pieces for $2.50. The egg tart is medium size. It was served piping hot out from the oven.


The Chinese name for this egg tart indicates that it’s made with fresh milk. The filling is very creamy and not too sweet. It’s crust is very thin and flaky.


Good Eat Seafood Restaurant accepts CASH only.

Good Eat Seafood Restaurant on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

7 days a week

9:00AM to 3:00PM
5:00PM to 10:30PM

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  1. LotusRapper

    Good thing they didn’t include an S at the end or else Mr. Brown will be filing a lawsuit for infringement:

  2. Bill Barilko

    “We saw a sign on the wall that says this restaurant allows customers to bring their own liquor with a corkage charge of $5.”

    My guess is that’s about to change being as how it’s Strictly Against The Law for any BC restaurant to allow customers to bring their own booze.

    I suggest the blogger edit that line out of the post and also this comment.

  3. Kimberly White

    I’ve been wanting to go to a dim sum restaurant since I came to Vancouver but I have yet to find a good restaurant. $2.50 for a dim sum dish should be inexpensive. Thank you for recommending this restaurant. I will keep this restaurant in mind when I head to Richmond in the future.


  4. Teresa

    Good for them to have a corkage fee policy in place…and at a very reasonable price. Some places don’t allow it or at a price like $20. Did you like the minced pork and rice in soup?

    1. Suanne

      Hi Teresa, yes, I like the minced pork and rice in soup. It’s comfort food.

    2. BC Liquor Laws

      Good for them for breaking the law?

  5. Herb

    I have been to this place for dinner and food was ok, nothing fancy with decent food. HOWEVER, their service was pretty bad, I used to be a cook, so I don’t like ragging on ANYONE in the restaurant industry if I don’t have to. No details because it will be too long to read. So me and my family have King crab dinner there, it was only 5 of us and 300 bucks worth of food later, there was a lot of food left, the people at the restaurant decided to cheap out on containers for us. We asked for hard plastic containers and said they we would pay for them (my family just don’t like styrofoam), they still got to have 3 waitresses come back to the table and tell us thatthe containers will cost an extra 50 cents each like 5 times, which was really annoying. SO their tips for that night was signicant less, and I never been back since.

    LOL I made this commment too long anyways. Please this is the experience I had so please try this place out for yourself. I know that some people do have bad experience cause nothing is perfect, and that night was just a bad night i guess.

  6. Janice

    I should probably give this place a try eh? hahaha!

    I’ve actually been meaning to, just that I haven’t found the time to these days…. but I should soon!

  7. cmee8

    Hi Suanne,
    My friend tried it n really likes that it’s value for money, that they have tablecloths n really attentive service. We’ll try it next time we make the trek fr Burnaby for dimsum.

  8. Duckie

    I’ve tried this place with family too. Haven’t been in a few months though. The times we went, the food was great, and we’ve never had a problem with the service. 🙂 Although their tight & minimal parking sucks. Sometimes I’m scared to park there just in case my car might get scratched.

  9. bill

    Hey Suanne and Ben,

    I wonder if you had already listed or will list out the top 10 places recommended Dim Sum places to eat from all the Dim Sum restaurants that you tried? I really want to try out all these different dim sum places with friends but I never know which are the ones that will be good to go to.

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