Kalok Seafood Restaurant in Union Square, Richmond

Polly and I met up for dim sum. Polly also invited her friend, Di to join us. Di is kind of on vacation here for a month to experience the winter in Vancouver.


We went to Kalok Seafood Restaurant at Capstan Way, Richmond. I had blogged about this restaurant in the summer of 2010. The English name was Gala at that time. Then this restaurant had a change of hand and became Jubilee Chinese Restaurant which tried to make it a 24 hour restaurant. I guessed it did not last. The lady who served us seemed to be the owner of the original Gala restaurant and told us she had to give up Gala due to her serious illness. She is back now and Kalok is back in business for about 4 months. The English name is the direct Cantonese translation of the Chinese name.


The restaurant is busy at noon even on a Monday. Parking is a bit of challenge here. Di and I went in to get a table first while Polly drove around to look for parking.


Prices range from $3.80 to $7.45.  There is a 25% discount from 9:00am to 11:00am and 20% discount from 11:00am to 3:00pm. You can click on the menu above to have a larger view. The one on the right is their kitchen special.


One good thing is tea is free here. Most dim sum restaurants charge $1 per person.


We ordered 7 items to share. Some of our initial orders are not available yet as the server told us that those are new items and not ready yet.


We started off with an order of Durian Pastry for $5.25. Polly and I love durian and we always order anything with durian. The pastry is kind of… small though. But it is very flaky and the filling is quite a bit despite it’s size.  We enjoyed this.


Next came the Rice Roll with Chinese Donut and Green Onion. Polly ordered this for her friend Di as she likes it. The Chinese donut here is not as crispy as we like it to be for the contrast of texture. This dim sum is $4.95.


Polly also ordered a rice dish for Di because Di has not been eating rice for the past week. Di stays in downtown Vancouver and having Chinese food is not as convenient as in Richmond. This Steamed Claypot Rice  with Spare Rib is $4.95. It has some cloud ear mushroom and dried lily buds.


The above  buns came in a clay pot. It’s like pan fried bun. We ordered this dim sum because of it’s name which is Hotpot Pork and Veggie Bun. I don’t think this is cook in the clay pot. It’s just that it’s served in a clay pot. The buns are served with a vinegar dipping sauce. It is $5.95.


I know not many people like chicken feet. But the three of us have the same liking. We like the brown version which is very tender and served hot. We don’t like the white version that is served cold. The steamed chicken feet is $4.45.


The above Steamed Fish Maw with Shrimp Paste is $5.95. The shrimp paste is springy. The fish maw actually lined the bottom of the shrimp paste. They were very soft and the texture is a little like pork rind that had been braised.


We ended our meal with another durian dim sum. The above Durian Dumpling is $5.25. The filing is similar to the Durian Pastry. This is a mochi filled with durian filling. It’s a healthier version among the two.


We paid cash but I’m sure a restaurant this size will accepts credit cards.

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  1. WS

    Did you like the pan fried bun dish? It’s first time you tried that type of bun pan fried? Overall you liked their dim sum(you didn’t say if it was good or not, beyond the Durian Pastry and Rice Roll with Chinese Donut dishes)?

  2. Bill Barilko

    Odd menu for a ‘seafood’ restaurant looks just like standard dim sum sold everywhere.

  3. Jean

    Durian pastry looks great in its presentation. Is the pastry part heavy in taste? I have yet to try durian anything.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Jean, the pastry itself does not have much taste. The pastry is just the casing to the yummy creamy durian custard filings.

  4. KRIS

    I tried crab-flavor fish and lobster in Kalok.It’s better than I thought.I have eaten it in Hong Kong,the tasty is very similar.

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