Durian Coconut Roll

Arkensen loves Egg Cookies Rolls. I always get the egg cookies rolls from Asian Groceries stores.


One day while I was shopping at Grand Asian Supermarket at New Westminster Hwy, across the Richmond Public Market, I came across the above Durian Coconut Roll. I thought Arkensen may like this one. It was … $1.99 when I bought it.


The Durian Coconut Roll is my new indulgence. First, you smell the aroma of durian, especially when you first open the package. When you bite into it, you can taste the coconut flavour. The roll is crispy and has some black sesame seeds in it too. I simply love this tropical flavoured cookie roll.


As much as Arkensen loves the egg cookies rolls, he just refuse to try the Durian Coconut Rolls. He just does not know what he misses.

9 thoughts on “Durian Coconut Roll

  1. Hi Ben and Suanne, just got into Vancouver today and met with my brother and his family and took them to Sun Sui Wah for AKC. It was $30 a pound and we got a small one that was about 6 pounds. Quite the experience. Not sure if I’d do it again, due to the cost, but it was good. Next, going to look for spotted prawn!

  2. Hmmmm….durian coconut rolls…..didn’t know we can get that flavour in Vancouver, only came across the plain coconut ones (also Thai) @ London Drugs Kerrisdale. Thanks for posting!

    • Hi Link: I think that it is Spot Prawns season in early May. The readers on chowtimes can help confirm. 🙂 Oh yeah, you must have lots of spot prawns especially in Koon Bo or Koon lock. We love the spot prawns there! Ben

  3. Hi Ben and Suanne and all the chowtime readers, I am coming to Vancouver from Winnipeg next week and am wondering if there is still Alaskan King Crab in the Chinese restaurants and if anyone has a recommendation for a good restaurant. Thanks, Link

    • Hi Link: You might be able to find Alaskan King Crab if you look hard enough. But since the season is long over, it would very likely be very expensive. Ben

      • I was standing in line to pay for my groceries this morning at the Burnaby Metrotown Superstore and noticed the man ahead of me. He had purchased a LARGE Alaskan King crab from the store. Looked good. Not sure of the cost per pound. But if Link can’t find any at the restaurants, he can try the Real Canadian Superstore and cook it himself? Don’t ask me how to cook. I only eat them.

  4. Mmm looks gd n will hv to try some. Kirin has a divine durian mochi dimsum dish which sells out very quickly n u have to ask for it as it’s not on the menu.

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