Jumbo Sushi under New Management

Linda wrote to us to notify us that Jumbo Sushi is under new management. I had no problem suggesting lunch at Jumbo Sushi as Arkensen and Nanzaro loves sushi.


We had blogged about Jumbo Sushi here and about their party tray here. The buy one get one 50% off deal on the party tray is still on going.


The interior looks pretty much the same except that the old photos of their menu items were replaced by new ones.


There seems to be more specialty rolls now. You can click on the menu to take a closer look.


Arkensen and Nanzaro ordered 2 rolls each. Nanzaro ordered the Jumbo Spicy Tuna Roll for $4.95 and BC Lion Roll for $6.95.


The BC Lion roll is made with spicy salmon and salmon tempura. The boys like the tobiko which burst in their mouth. The spiciness came from the sauce on top.


The Jumbo Spicy Tuna roll is topped with tuna and chopped green onions. Besides the spicy sauce, the green onions also add a hint of oniony spiciness to it.


Arkensen ordered a Rainbow Roll for $4.50 and a Canuck Roll for $6.95. The Rainbow Roll is California roll topped with various topping like salmon, tuna, avocado and prawn. The Canuck Roll is similar to the BC Lion Roll except that it is made with tuna instead of salmon.

The boys did enjoy their meal here.


Jumbo Sushi accepts credit cards. The noticeable change here is that the cash register is manned by a Caucasian. I guess he is the new owner.

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  1. Linda

    Hi Suanne, I really like the specialty rolls here, and I think the price for some of them are really cheap compared to some other places I went to. (AND bonus this week: saw coupon in Richmond’s “Review” paper for Jumbo coupon (buy 1, get 1/2 free). Very happy…since I have a hankering for sushi!

  2. Linda

    Ps. Thanks for checking out JUMBO again. Great job with the pics.

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