Dry Hotpot from PWG Chinese Food at President Plaza, Richmond

Since I came back from my Beijing/Xi An vacation last year, I crave for the “Ma La Xiang Goa”; literary translated to Numbing Spicy Fragrance Pot. This dish is very popular in Beijing.


Then I came across Fmed’s post on Wise Monkeys about this foodcourt stall in President Plaza in Richmond which sells a similar dry hotpot dish. The PWG Chinese Food was up on my list of places to go since.


When Ben was working from Vancouver, I managed to get him to the President Plaza foodcourt to try the above dish. The dry hotpot came in a heated little stove to keep it warm. There are two versions of such dry hotpot dish on the menu, chicken and pork intestine. I opted for the chicken dry hotpot. This dish which comes with a bowl of steam rice costs $9.


The chicken dry hotpot has chicken pieces, boned in, onions, sweet peppers and zucchini (I think).  The dish is good enough for two person in our case.


Over in Beijing, you order this dish with your own selection of ingredients. I love to have pork belly, bean curd sticks, wood ears, enoki mushrooms and lotus root in mine.


Another Ma La Xiang Goa dish from Beijing.

The dry hotpot from PWG Chinese Food is the closest I can find here. Fmed, thank you for your post.

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Closed on Tuesday

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  1. fmed

    Glad to be of service! Also check out the other restaurant I mentioned (the one on Saba Rd that was formerly “Szechwan House”). That place has a much more accurate facsimile of MLXG (how’s that for an acronym?!) that you will find in Beijing.


  2. Sherry

    Hi Suanne
    just want to correct that you spelled the pin yin of this dish wrong. It is actually named “ma la xiang guo” instead of ma la xiang goa 🙂

  3. Joseph

    Went there today but unfortunately it has closed down. The stall is being renovated for a hand pullednoodle shop. Too bad i missed it by a day. :'(

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