Osaka Supermarket Bakery in Yaohan, Richmond

After our lunch at Yaohan Foodcourt, we walked past Osaka Supermarket. We just cant resist the temptations of the pastries from the window of the bakery.


We bought a few items for our next day’s breakfast. Nanzaro wanted the Pineapple Croissant. This is $1.39. The croissant itself is flaky and the pineapple custard topping adds sweetness to it.


I had the Coffee Danish with Crispy Topping; also for $1.39.


The danish is light and there are raisins at the bottom of the danish.


I also noticed there is a Durian Filled Pastry. I would not miss anything with durian in it. This pastry is $1.99.


The pastry is very flaky and the durian filling is heaven. I remembered Tung Hing has a durian flavoured winter melon pastry which is only $1.


I don’t understand the tax here. Some of the items are taxed and one of them is not.

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  1. Jo

    Hi Suanne,

    I, too, am confused about being taxed for baked goods at T&T, too. I bought 6 taro pastries to avoid the tax but I was still taxed. The cashier said that it only applies to buns. How is that right? I thought the exemption applies to all baked goods if you have a minimum of 6? Confusing!!!

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