XO Beef Noodle in Yaohan Foodcourt, Richmond

It’s comfort food time. We went to the Yaohan food court for some simple comfort food. Nanzaro wanted to have the Spicy Lamb Noodle from Want Want Hot & Spicy House in the foodcourt.


I decided to try a relatively new stall called XO Beef Noodle. It serves Vietnamese style food.


It also has a section of prepared dishes.


I decided to go for their combo for $7.50 which includes a hot drink of coffee or tea.


My combo is made up of Chicken Leg rice plus a side of pork patty. The rice also comes with some stir fried cabbage.


I opted for a hot milk tea for my drink. The combo is value for money and the food is pretty decent.


The above is the combo menu. You can click on the photo to have a clearer view. I recalled the friendly server told me that their beef noodle and spring roll is MSG free.


More special offers.


Perhaps, I will try their baguette next time.

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  1. agingteen

    Yes, i really like their beef noodles! and it’s true there is no msg as I don’t get the thirsty feeling afterwards. Definetly will try their combos

  2. Kayce

    haha, I tried their sandwiches, they were quite good. But it was my first time having a Vietnamese Sandwich, so i have nothing to compare to. But other than me not being use to the try baguette, it was pretty tasty. (:

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