All You Can Eat Lite Dinner at Ninkazu, Richmond

I asked Arkensen and Nanzaro what they would like to eat before I visit Ben in Beijing again. Both of them wanted to go Ninkazu for the all you can eat.


This time, we went for the lite dinner for $20.95 per person. For starters, I had miso soup and goma-ae while Arkensen had Ebi Sunomono.


The boys mostly interested in shasimi; only tuna and salmon available in the lite dinner option. If you go for the deluxe, there are more choices. The boys had a second order of the sashimi.


The boys also tried the Tuna and beef tataki.


Some spicy and teriyaki shasimi. I quite like the teriyaki version despite I’m not a fan of shasimi.


The boys also wanted some California roll, spicy tuna roll and various cones as a filler.


I ordered the above shark fin sushi knowing that it won’t be real shark fin for the price we are paying. It was ok with a hint of tanginess. But the abalone sushi was horrible. It was very fishy.


We also shared some yam and  prawn tempura. Surprisingly, Arkensen had two pieces of the yam tempura.


I ordered the rest of the fried and BBQ items; chicken karrage. BBQ chicken wing, teriyaki salmon, salmon kama and Samma Shioyaki.


The Samma Shioyaki was quite fishy and has lots of fine bones. Not my favourite.


Nanzaro wanted Unagi fried rice while Arkensen wanted some teriyaki chicken.


More grilled items for me; short ribs, yakitori, BBQ pork and New York steak.


Mango pudding for dessert for Arkensen and me. Nanzaro said no thanks.


We had a bit of leftovers; the New York steak was dry while the Edamame was very salty. You can see the salt crystals on some of them.


Ninkazu accepts credit card.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    Oh my! If that is a ‘lite’ dinner I can’t imagine what the deluxe entails. I can’t believe 3 of you ate all that.

  2. Sedap Makan

    I’ve been avoiding AYCE lately but that looks better quality and selection than most.

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