Kuala Lumpur Day 9: Chinese Dinner

Ben and I met up with my ex boss and family for dinner. We were pretty excited to meet the latest addition to the family. I cant believe J & A are grandparents now. Congrats to the family.


It was a long story on how we ended up at this restaurant. J had other restaurant in mind but unfortunately, the restaurant was closed on Monday. We tried to go another restaurant and it was also closed. Well, it seems like Monday is a popular day for restaurant to close for business after a hectic weekend.

J did the ordering. The above was Spicy Prawn with lady fingers. The sauce definite goes well with steamed rice.


Sour cabbage and bitter melon. I like the sour and bitter combination. Ben is not a fan of bitter melon. So, I never cook bitter melon at home.


Stuffed Tofu with eggy sauce.


Pork Ribs served in a hot pot.


The above dish was interesting; Pumpkin stir fried with salted egg yolk. Very rich.


Steamed Whole Fish with loads of ginger sauce.


Deep Fried Squid with Curry Leaves. Another winner.


Complimentary Kedongdong (Ambarella) from the restaurant. The owner said it was home pickled. It was sour and crunchy.

J & A, it was great to meet up with your family. Thank you for buying dinner.

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