Wonderful Buffet in Bellingham

It’s one of the Saturday that we went across the border for some shopping. Ben was craving for the baby back ribs from Costco while Nanzaro wanted a pair of new shoes. We only headed out at 3pm when the border wait was less than 30 minutes. I also heard from the news that the US government’s budget cut will include the border security. Anticipating longer wait when this takes effect.


We decided to try out Wonderful Buffet for dinner. This is our first time here. If I remembered correctly, it’s $11.95 per person, drinks extra.


The buffet mostly comprises of Chinese food with a Japanese sushi bar. Here are some of the food we had; fried noodles, various shrimp dishes, fried calamari, fried chicken, etc. The roast beef did not look appetizing. Moreover, there was no one there to do the slicing. We had to slice it ourselves and it did not look pretty.


This had to be my plate as it had vegetables in it.


There were dumplings too. Nanzaro likes the fried chicken as he had it in every plate that he had.


Dumpling with dipping sauce.


Ben’s plate of seafood, chicken skewer and teriyaki chicken.


Fish ball stuffed with pork filings.


More meat.


Although Nanzaro likes sushi, he only took a few to try. He said the sushi does not look good.


I shared some hot and sour soup with Ben.


Edammame for Ben and beets for me.


My fruit platter to end the meal.


Nanzaro’s dessert was ice-cream.

The bill came to USD45 for three. Credit cards are accepted here.

Although there is quite a big selection of food, Ben and I do not favour buffet anymore. It’s simply too much food for us. But we will still give a new place a try. However, Nanzaro enjoys it as he is a growing teenager.

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