Perfect Taste Restaurant in Crystal Mall, Burnaby

Ben and I were in the Crystal Mall looking for lunch options.


We decided to try the Perfect Taste Restaurant which located outside the mall.


The Chinese name of the restaurant indicates that it is of northern eastern Chinese cuisine. The dishes come with free rice.


The restaurant was empty when we were there on a Friday afternoon.


We ordered a couple of dishes since it’s just the two of us. The first dish is a stir fried potatoes, egg plant and green pepper. When the dish arrived, we can smelled the fragrance of bean sauce.


The thinly cut potatoes were fried to a crisp. We enjoyed this simple dish.


We also ordered a cabbage, tofu and pork belly soup. Ben likes soup with his rice. This is a very homey dish.


Perfect Taste Restaurant accepts cash only.


The above are some of the dishes Perfect Taste Restaurant offers.

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