Szechuan Delicious on No. 3 Road, Richmond Closing Soon

Our family had been trying to come to this restaurant more often once we learned that the current location will be closed in July due to redevelopment. We really hope they will find a new home.

When we come as a family of four, we always get the combo for 4 for CAD52. We like it because for that we get two appetizers and choose four main dishes. You cant beat that for value because Szechuan cuisine is generally more expensive than other Chinese cuisine. We sure are going to miss this place when it closes soon.

The free appetizers are Spicy Pig Ears and Mung Bean Noodle in a tangy and spicy sauce. Ben likes the sauce so much that sometime we bring our own container to take the leftover sauce home as we dare not ask the server to pack the sauce to go.

There are three choices for the fish dish; Water Boiled Fish, Fish with Tofu (that’s our choice this time) and Fish with Preserved Vegetable. Ben commented that the fish is good, just wonder what fish is it.

Nanzaro opted for the Chili Chicken dish which is his favourite. The chicken is deep fried to crispy. He even eats the chili.

This is an addition to the combo option. It used to be only for the combo for two. It’s Beef with Onion on Hot Plate. I like this dish except that it’s a little oily.

The last dish is the Stir Fried Potato slivers, either sour and spicy or not. We always get the sour and spicy. This dish always ended being brought home and it’s the least like by the boys.

Szechuan Delicious accepts cash only. We sincerely wish that the restaurant can find another location to relocate.
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