Pearl House Restaurant on No. 6 Road, Richmond

Polly recommended to go her favourite Taiwanese restaurant for our lady’s meet as she wanted to get some tofu from the nearby May Lian Tofu shop.


Pearl House Restaurant is kind of out of the way from Richmond central. It is located in an industrial area.


Since it’s Polly’s recommendation, I let her do the ordering. She ordered from the combo meal which is her regular pick.


The combo’s main meal is the House Beef and Tendon Noodle. The pieces of tendon were big.


Polly asked for the wide noodles which costs 50 cents more.


Polly ordered from the combo of beef noodle plus an appetizer for $10.25.  I picked the pig’s ear for the appetizer. I like the crunchiness of it.


Polly also ordered another appetizer of Deep Fried Chicken Nugget ($6.25). She loves the deep fried basil which came with the dish.

The meal came to $22 including tips. Pearl House Restaurant only accepts cash, debit and visa cards.

Despite it’s location, the restaurant was very busy at lunch time. Luckily we went there early for brunch.

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