Pre-Mother’s Day Dim Sum at Parklane Chinese Restaurant, Richmond

Polly and I went for a pre-mother’s day celebration on a Friday morning. We intended to go to Beard Papa’s but it was not opened yet at 9AM. Apparently, Beard Papa’s has changed it’s business hour to start at 11AM. I emailed Beard Papa’s in March and was told it’s opening hour was 9AM at that time.


Well, since Beard Papa’s is not opened yet, we decided to go for dim sum nearby at Parklane Restaurant which opens at 9AM. Since it just opens for business for the day, it was still pretty empty but tables quickly filled up.


Tea charges is $1 per person.


We ordered one of the special of the day which is Clay Pot Rice with  Sparerib and Chinese Sausage. It was a pretty good serving size considering the price is only $3.95.


The Fish Pancake was tasty with some lotus root bits in it. The toasted sesame seeds added crunch and fragrance to it.


The pan fried Chives Dumpling was crispy on the outside, slightly on the oily side and it fell apart when we bit into it as the chives were pretty loose.


Our last savoury dim sum was Eggplant with Shrimp Paste. It was crisp on the outside and the eggplant was very soft but a bit on the oily side too.


We ordered two sweet items to end our meal. First was the Sesame Ball.


The one here was not the common one which is filled with either red bean paste or sesame paste. It was filled with salted egg yolk which oozes out as we bit into it. We like this a lot.


The last item we ordered was the Pineapple Bun. It seems like this is a popular item here as we saw quite a number of tables ordering it.


The mini pineapple bun is filled with BBQ pork filing. The bun was soft as it was freshly baked.


The early bird discount of 20% was a pleasant surprise. Credit card is accepted here.

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