Mykonos Greek Restaurant in Bellingham, WA

When Ben is back in Vancouver, he likes to make a day trip to Bellingham. Just for food and shopping. This has become a ritual to him. He likes to check out snacks that is not available in Vancouver.


We had lunch at Mykonos Greek Restaurant in Bellingham. Mykonos is a chain restaurant.


It was pretty quiet when we were there.


We ordered from the Greek specialties menu. Ben had the Paidakia while I had the Souvlaki.


Despite that the restaurant was not busy, service was rather slow. It took about 15 minutes before our first item arrived. First came some piping hot pita bread. We had to wait for our meal to be served to enjoy the pita because the tzatziki came with the meal.


My Lamb Souvlaki. You can either have it with rice or fries. I prefer rice. The rice was flavourful.


The lamb was a little tougher than I had in mind.


The Greek salad had generous amount of feta cheese.


Ben’s lamb chop meal came with 2 pieces of lamb chop.


I had a feeling that his lamb chop is more tender as he asked for medium rare. The lamb chop was quite thick.

The meal came to USD30 with tips.

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  1. Kai

    Every time I turned to the 2nd page I would get a warning from McAfee that there was an infected file.


    I don’t think this is a chain restaurant. Maybe a small family owned chain, but not a franchise chain.

  3. LotusRapper

    I suspect they’re a one-off local operation too:

    All these years I’ve driven by them but never bothered to drop in. Maybe I’m not missing anything after all.

    In B’ham, the only Greek place I know of, and have been, is Cafe Akroteri in downtown (forget street they’re on). A bit pricier, but quality equals or better than many Greek restaurants in Vancouver, IMHO.

  4. Lisa

    What would make you think this restaurant is a chain? It definitely isn’t. It’s a local restaurant, built and run by a local Greek family. I’m sure there are other restaurants in the world called Mykonos, but that certainly doesn’t mean they are all chains. That would be like assuming that all Japanese restaurants named Osaka’s are a chain or that all Pho 99 restaurants are owned by the same person!

    On a different note, Mykonos has delicious food! It’s definitely my favorite Greek place in Bellingham. The service is real hit and miss but I’ll take great food and poor service over good service and mediocre food any day. Best kalamari I’ve had in Bellingham. And don’t shy away from their french fries. I know it sound weird but they have better fries than any burger place in town!

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