New Year Day Potluck

Emily H opened her home for a new year potluck lunch. She invited some of her friends and some community kitchens friends to usher the new year.


The table is loaded with food.


Appetizers from the host.


Vegetarian dishes: Stir fry tofu strips and cilantro; blanched Chinese broccoli.


Poached chicken; Pepper chicken.


Roast pork and potato; Stir fry pork with chili (love this spicy pork dish).


Black chicken herbal soup; eight treasure porridge.


“Hung Zhao” red wine fish fillet; green onion pancake.


Pan fried chicken; fried rice.


Fried vermicelli; “fern pi”.


Ma Po tofu; vegetarian dish with cloud ear; broccoli and taro.


Bean curd roll; salmon roll.


9 layer cake; fruits.

Emily, thank you for your hospitality. We had a great time and wish everyone a great year ahead.

One thought on “New Year Day Potluck

  1. After all the eating we have done over the last few weeks I thought I would be tired of looking at tables laden with food but this looks so good I could dive right in and fill up a plate or 2.

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