Winter Combo at Hing Fung Restaurant

It was a storming winter Saturday evening. We went out for dinner looking for something heart warming.


We recalled seeing a poster of a winter combo at Hing Hung Restaurant and East Fusion Food on Capstan Way.  We were surprised that East Fusion Food was closed (for renovation ??). So, we settled for Hing Fung Restaurant.

The winter combo is a three dish combo. One of the item in the combo is the above Snake Soup. It is a thick soup with bamboo shoot, cloud ear and shiitake mushroom besides some slivered meat.


We are not sure how snake meat looks like. Is snake meat a white meat or dark meat?  The meat above was a bit tough. Anyway, there was not much of meat in the soup. We found that the soup was quite bland and there was quite a bit of leftover since it was a big bowl.


The main course of the winter combo is the Lamb Hot Pot. It came on a burner to keep it hot.


The lamb pieces were very tender. The lamb hot pot came with bean curd sticks, water chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms and suey choy. It was flavourful and we enjoyed it to the last piece.


The last item in the combo is a Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese preserved meat. It was a big serving and we even have some leftovers packed to go.


The meal also came with complementary sweet soup. It was a green bean soup with some azuki bean, peanut and sago.


The winter combo is $39.80 and came to $41.79 with tax. It is good for 3 people; just right for us as only Nanzaro came out with us.

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