Farewell Dinner for Ben at Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant on Park Road

Ben had to travel for one last time to Beijing. Ben wanted to get some Bak Kut Teh spice packs for one of his colleague in Beijing. I remembered Great One Supermarket has it and since we were in that strip mall, we had dinner at Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant for convenience.


Nanzaro ordered a Fried Rice Noodle Malaysian/Singaporean style. It was a large serving for $10.80.


Arkensen ordered a Baked Seafood Rice. It was another big serving. This is $11.80. Both Arkensen and Nanzaro had to pack their leftovers to go.


Arkensen’s order came with a bun and drink. Since Arkensen ordered a cold drink, there is an extra 50cents charge.


Oh! I almost forgot about the creamy corn soup which came with Arkensen’s order.


Ben and I shared a Tofu with Assorted Meat Hot Pot for $12.80. There were squid, BBQ pork, chicken and shiitake mushroom in it. It was a big serving again.


Our Chinese dish order came with a big bowl of daily soup. It was dried bak choy, carrot and pork soup.


There is complementary sweet soup at the end of the meal. We only asked for two as my boys do not like sweet soup. It was sago with yam sweet soup that night.


Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant accepts cash only.

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  1. Wanda

    Besides being large dishes…..was the food any good?

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