Noodles from Beijing Noodle House

The boys slept in on Sunday. Ben and I went out for early lunch before going for groceries shopping.


We went to Beijing Noodle House for some light lunch. Ben ordered a Beef Noodle Soup. Although the beef had layers of fat but it is still a little tough for me. Ben enjoyed the noodle which has the right amount of chewiness. The beef noodle soup is $7.50.


I had a Lamb Noodle Soup which is $8.50. I can taste the lamb flavour in the broth. This is pretty good.


I had some of the noodle in dry form; smothered with the chili sauce on the table. The chili sauce is good.


Beijing Noodle House uses the right soup spoon for its noodle soup which has long handle.


Beijing Noodle House accepts cash only.

Beijing Noodle House 北京麵館 on Urbanspoon

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