Hakata Japanese Ramen, Richmond Central

We noticed a new Japanese Ramen restaurant in the strip mall where Alleluia Cafe is when we were there for dinner recently. I actually suggested to try the ramen place but Arkensen protested as he prefers HongKong style food than ramen.


I suggested to try the ramen restaurant for lunch yesterday since Arkensen was away.


We were there just before noon and we were their first customers of the day.


When comes to ramen, I just want the traditional Tonkotsu Ramen, rich pork broth with char siu. Other ingredients include bamboo shoot and wood ear which give some crunchiness, half a soft yolk egg, corn for sweetness and chopped green onions. The Tonkotsu Ramen was pretty good and I would come back for this. Ramen is generally $8.95.


Ben had a Spicy Miso Ramen which comes with char siu, corn, bean sprout and slivered green onion. The broth was tasty too and not overly salty.


The thing that I like here is the use the right kind of noodle for the ramen.


Nanzaro ordered a Tobiko Fried Rice for $7.95. He likes the crunchiness of the tobiko bursting in the mouth. He added a lot of  togarashi as he likes spicy food.


Hakata accepts credit card.


I did not expect much from Hakata Japanese Ramen as I thought it will be more Chinese than Japanese. But it turns out to be quite good. You can click on the menu above to have a larger view.


Hakata Ramen on Urbanspoon

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