Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari

I had an appointment at the Akroyd strip mall at mid noon. Ben wanted lunch, so we went for lunch in the same strip mall for convenience.


We decided to go to Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari with the consent from Arkensen who happened to join us for lunch. He ordered the Sapporo Ramen which comes with BBQ pork and Miso Soup base.


The noodle was cooked nicely, not too soft. This is $8.95.


I went for the Okawari Ramen which is Gingseng Soup with Chicken for $10.95. I can hardly taste the ginseng in the broth.


Ben ordered the Beef Yakiudon for $8.95. It was quite flavourful. The dish arrived with bonito flakes dancing on the dish.


Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari accepts credit card.

Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari on Urbanspoon

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