Red House on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Ben intended to go to Shanghai Morning for dinner but the parking lot was full. He did not want to go round and round looking for a parking spot.


So, we ended up at Red House which has plenty of parking spot.


A Hong Kong style restaurant, our order came with soup and drink. We opted for Borsht soup over cream soup. The soup was tasty with decent amount of cabbage. There were also garlic toast to go with the soup.


Since it’s dinner time, Ben and I opted for Horlick instead of caffeinated drink.


I ordered a Seafood Yee Mee Noodle in Hot Pot which has scallop and shrimp. I ordered this thinking it was what we saw on another customer’s table but it turned out to be different.


Ben ordered his comfort Egg Swirl Shrimp Rice Noodle. He loves the eggy sauce.


Nanzaro ordered a Singaporean style Rice Noodle which has BBQ pork, shrimp and egg. This dish is more common with vermicelli but Nanzaro does not like vermicelli. So, he ordered it with rice noodle.


The meal was slightly more expensive than other typical Hong Kong style restaurant. But we did felt full with the complimentary soup, toast and drink. We even had leftover yee mee to bring home for Arkensen.

Red House 紅屋 on Urbanspoon

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