Sanbo Restaurant at Brighouse Square, Richmond

Ever since Excelsior Restaurant is taken over by Sanbo Restaurant, we had been putting off the idea of going there.


Ben jokingly commented that the kingcrabs on the restaurant banner looks like spiders.


We had lunch here on a Saturday afternoon. Sanbo is a Hong Kong style restaurant, just like it’s predecessor. Hot drink is included in the lunch order but cold drink  is charged 0.95 cents extra.


I ordered a wonton noodle soup as I wanted a light meal. I noticed that the noodle soup comes with a lot of garlic chips just like those served at Excelsior.


There are five regular size wontons in the bowl.


Ben ordered a Malaysian style Fried Rice for $9.75. This has a mild belacan flavour.


Ben’s order also came with a bowl of daily soup. It was a flavourful soup of pork bone and dried bok choy.


We also ordered a take out order of Yang Chow Fried Rice for the boys to share since we had a small serving of Ben’s fried rice to take home too. Take out cold drink is charged 50cents extra.


I just noticed when I wrote this post that we were charged wrongly for one of the drink. I had a hot drink and was charged wrongly for a cold drink.

Sanbo Menu (1)Sanbo Menu (2)

Sanbo Menu (3)Sanbo Menu (4)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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  1. cal

    hi, i enjoy reading your blog….but just a recommendation for future reviews:

    it’d be more meaningful if you’d comment on the taste and quality of the food, rather than focus on the cost.

    that’s just my opinion. feel free to ignore this recommendation if you wish. thanks.

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