Hollywood Steak House on Leslie Road, Richmond

Ben picked Hollywood Steak House for lunch on a Saturday. It’s been a long time since he ate here.


The restaurant is decorated with some black and white Hollywood scenes, even the ceiling.


We like their menu with colourful photots. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


Ben ordered a Tom Yum Seafood Rice Noodle Soup for $8.95. It was surprisingly flavourful with various seafood.


Nanzaro ordered a Satay Beef Ramen, also $8.95. He commented that the ramen is more flavourful than the usual doll noodle that he had. He also commented that he should ask the server to leave out the sweet peppers next time as he does not like them.


Drinks which come with the order, free for hot drink, $1 extra for cold drink.


Nanzaro ordered the House Special Fried Rice for $11.95. Nanzaro said it has Chinese sausage, shrimp and cut up meatball and a hint of shrimp paste flavour.


I ordered a Chicken Hot Pot for $12.95 which comes with rice.


There is also some small sides of pickled radish, minced ginger and chili sauce.


The Chicken Hot Pot broth has a strong herbal flavour of “Dong Kwai” which I like. Besides “dong kwai”, there are also red dates and goji berries. Ben commented that the chicken is boney as we shared our dishes. I told him that the chicken is free range chicken which is not as meaty as farm chicken but has a firmer texture.

My hot pot dish does not include a drink.


Hollywood Steak House accepts cash only.

Ben commented that Hollywood will be his new favourite Hong Kong style cafe.

Hollywood Steak House Menu (1)Hollywood Steak House Menu (2)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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  1. jobeth

    Unfortunately, this restaurant just recently closed and replaced by Superstars Cafe. Im not sure if they kept the chef . I liked the old restaurant too. Too bad Ben has to find another HK style restaurant. Let us know if he has found a new one

    1. Hinata

      It’s still the same. Only the name changed.

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