Pho Japolo on Bridgeport Road, Richmond

We discovered Pho Japolo when we visited Cafe Loyal. They are neighbours.


We came here for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. It was a weird day. When we arrived, it was pouring but when we left, the sun was shining.


The restaurant is larger than we expected. The dining area above is just a separate dining area from the main dining area. This restaurant can easily accommodates 70 people.


The usual fixings for Vietnamese meal. The bean sprouts were served raw.


Nanzaro ordered the Bun Bo Hue. He was not sure it was his dish when the server brought it to the table because it did not look as spicy as he expected. We tasted the broth which is quite flavourful with pronounced lemongrass flavour. Nanzaro added the chili paste condiment on the table to spice up his Bun Bo Hue.


Ben ordered the Vermicelli Bowl with veggie, marinated grilled pork slices and minced pork.


Ben likes his vermicelli bowl especially the fried shallots add a lot of flavour to it.


The soup which comes with Ben’s order is also flavourful.


I ordered the Cambodian Dry Noodle which is a new item written on a white board at the counter. This has seafood and pork in it. The sliced pork is dry though. The noodle is a tad too oily. My order also comes with a bowl of soup on the side.


What really interest us is the dishes on the above board. We will be back to try the dishes. You can click on the photo to have a larger view.

I don’t think there is a Vietnamese restaurant in Richmond that serves dishes. The server told us that there are 3 items on the board that need pre-ordering. They are the crab dish, prawn dish and a pork belly dish.


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Pho Japolo Menu (1)Pho Japolo Menu (2)Pho Japolo Menu (3)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

We like this place despite negative comments on Urbanspoon on the poor service. Our server is ok.

Pho Japolo Vietnamese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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