Tian Shi Fu Restaurant on Anderson Road, Richmond

Lorna, Marian and I met up at Tian Shi Fu Restaurant on a week day evening.


We love to catch up with one another every other month whenever possible.


There are some photos of celebrities and award winning photos at the entrance way into the restaurant.


I presumed this is a Hunan restaurant as chairman Mao’s photo is hung high in the restaurant. It was not busy at 6:30PM but it quickly filled up.


We started off with Leek Pie. It was quite a large serving as half of a pie is quite filing as an appetizer.


The first main dish we ordered was Boiled Fish with Pickled Vegetable. It was a large serving with generous amount of fish fillet.


There were some potato noddles in it too.


The sourish broth is great with steamed rice. But, if you just drink the broth on it’s own, it’s on the salty side. By the way, the soup is slightly spicy too.


Our second main dish was Dry Pot Superior Mushroom.  We believe the mushroom used in this dish is King Oyster mushroom. The mushroom is accompanied with some bacon and sweet peppers.


The Dry Pot is served heated. Again, the dish is on the salty side.


Credit card is accepted for bill above $50.

Food is quite good here but service is not so. Perhaps, we were seated at the corner, it was difficult for us to flag down the servers.

Tian Si Fu Menu (2)Tian Si Fu Menu (1)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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  1. Philip

    How is it the rice so expensive, $6.99?

  2. sanfan

    Picture of Chairman Mao?????

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