R&H Chinese Food in Lansdowne Foodcourt, Richmond

Nanzaro and I went to Lansdowne Foodcourt for lunch after running some errands.


I went to the R&H Chinese Food stall while Nanzaro opted for the Bubble Waffle Cafe.


When I was there, a lady was making Siao Loong Bao at the counter.


I ordered the Pan Fried Bun. It came in four for $6.99 before tax.


The bao skin was soft and fluffy. The bun is not very big as four of them can fit into a small styrofoam plate. The filing is slightly juicy.


Nanzaro had the Rice Roll with Curry Fish Ball and Fish Siew Mai from Bubble Waffle Cafe. This isĀ $5plus.


He got the Iced Coffee for $2 and a free bubble waffle from the loyalty card. I like HongKong style coffee as it has a stronger flavour.

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  1. Jayda

    Hi Suanne. This looks like fun to make. I am wondering if there is a difference between coconut juice and coconut water. I’ve only had coconut water. Thank you.

    1. chowtimes

      Hi Jayda, coconut juice and coconut water refers to the same clear liquid found in young coconut.

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