Pepper Lunch on No. 3 Road, Richmond

Finally Ben and I visited Pepper Lunch after the long line up dies down.


We were there for lunch and there was no line up, perhaps it was still early.


We like that the menu is displayed outside the restaurant. It makes it easier for one to make a decision.


When we walked in, a server came by to take our order at the counter and payment is required immediately.


Only then, the server showed us our table.


Ben ordered the Beef Pepper Rice with extra beef. It came in a sizzling hot plate and the beef is still raw.


There is instructions on the paper wrap around the hot plate to prevent splatter on how to cook pepper rice.


We let the beef to cook for a while until lightly charred on one side before turning them over. The rice has a strong peppery taste.


The server also brought two sauces for us to spice up the rice as the rice was plain for this dish.


Another dish that we tried was the Curry Chicken Pepper Rice. This has more flavour due to the curry spices and no sauces required.


Credit card is accepted here.


It is understandable that with all the hot plates sizzling, we get smoky smell on our clothes after dining in Pepper Lunch.

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