Kokoru Ramen on Victoria Dr., Vancouver

Ben and I were out looking for a place for lunch along Victoria Dr.


We came upon a new ramen restaurant (to us) at the junction of East 41st Ave and Victoria Dr.


There is a glass display window showcasing their menu, drinks and fake ramen bowls outside the restaurant.


I guess Kokoru means heart and there is a Chinese character heart near the entrance. The dining area is made up of a long table in the middle of the dining area and individual dining tables on the sides.


We ordered an appetizer of Chicken Karage. They were very crispy. There is 3 type of sauces that you can choose from and we opted for the chili soy.


I ordered the KoKoru Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen with an addition of egg ($1.50 extra). The pork broth was rich while the chashu still has a little bite to it.  My bowl of ramen came with bamboo shoot, seaweed, green onion and onion.


Ben ordered the Miso Ramen, also with the addition of an egg. His broth has even more dept to it as it’s made with pork and chicken and 3 kinds of Japanese miso. Ben’s bowl came with napa cabbage, green onion, bamboo shoot and seaweed.


At the table, there is a simple cartoonist instruction of how to eat ramen. Slurping out loud is welcome.


Condiments include chili powder and sesame seeds.


Credit card is accepted here.


Beware of the closed hour between 3 to 5PM.

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