Royal Seafood Restaurant in Garden City Shopping Centre, Richmond

The praise dance at Richmond Chinese Alliance Church had the last session of praise dance last Friday. It will resume in February 2018.

All the participants were presented with a token of appreciation. It is a Christmas card made of a photo of the group.

We usually have some snacks after the practice, sponsored by the church.

For this meeting, Jessica, one of the participant made some Steamed Rice Cake with Red Bean (“Poot Jei Gou”) for the group. It is very kind of her. If you are interested on how to make it, chowtimes has the recipe here.

After snack, we continued with a review practice which is held at the last session of the month. The group (some of us) then adjourned to their regular dim sum restaurant, Royal Seafood Restaurant for lunch.

Thomas was in charged of the ordering. The above is the Free Range Chicken in Mustard Sauce. Beware that sometimes the mustard sauce can gives you a sting up the nose if you hit a piece with a good dose of it.

We had a few dim sum items to start with. Among them are deep fried eggplant with seafood filing.

Pan fried Taro Cake.

Steamed Pork Ribs with Pumpkin.

The pan fried “Chan Chuen Fun” was nice with a light chew to it.

Supreme Soy Sauce Chow Mien was good for sharing with a big group of people.

For dessert, we had the deep fried egg puffs “Dan San”. Some participants shied away from it as they are health conscious and try to limit sweet food.

And lastly, we had the Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake “Ma Lai Gou”. As all the other participants from my table was Hong Kongers, I learned from them that I should eat the top part of the cake first and eat it while its warm.

The meal came to CAD11 each with tax and tips.

I wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a happy new year. I’m looking forward for the program to resume next year.

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