NamNam Noodle on Main St., Vancouver

It’s TGIF. Ben picked me up from work and we made it a Friday dine out night to start the weekend.

We drove to Main St. to look for a dine out place. We could not decide where to eat and was thinking maybe we will revisit Hawker’s Delight. When we walked towards Hawker’s Delight, we noticed a new restaurant just a few doors away. So, we changed our plan and went to NamNam Noodle.

NamNam Noodle is a Chinese restaurant which serves hand pulled noodle.

The poster seems inviting enough for us with a reasonable price.
The restaurant was empty when we were there on a Friday evening. It is hard to break into the restaurant business.

We shared two types of noodles. The above is a Beef Stretched Noodle Soup. There were just a few slices of beef in it.

The noodle was quite bland, so we added some chili oil to spice it up.

The second noodle we tried was the Cumin Lamb Fried Noodle. The serving was quite big as we had some leftover to bring home. There were a lot of vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, carrots and zucchini.

A warm mild tea was served.

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The server told us that the restaurant had just opened for 2 months when we visited.
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  1. josypheen

    I really like the fried noodles at this place (but, like you, I was less impressed with the soups.)
    I was wondering how long it will last as although it’s yummy, there never seem to be many people in there…

  2. Scoffier

    The Lanzhou stretched noodle can be had with extra beef for another dollar (it’s worth it), and yes the chili oil really helps to kick it up. I wish they would find something better than tupperware to hold the tea, it’s almost always just lukewarm. The room is very spacious and much more comfortable than Hawkers delight. As joysypheen stated, it’s never very busy, I hope they survive.

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