A Walk in Enchanted Storybrooke and Lunch at Charthouse Restaurant

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I had a get together during the spring break. Emily brought a girl friend along.


We decided to meet in Steveston Village. Coincidentally, it was the week where the filming of the season finale was taking place. Some of the building facet and store fronts were transformed into the theme of Storybrooke.


The Steveston Cannery Cafe transformed into Granny’s Cafe.


The Tourist Information Center transformed into the Storybrooke Post Office. More Storybrooke scenes at the end of this post.


We decided to dine at Charthouse Restaurant after exploring Storybrooke.


Charthouse deals.


The view from the restaurant overlooking the whaft is amazing.


We started off with the Soup of the Day. It’s a seafood medley soup priced at $4.50. It was creamy and flavourful. Probably the best dish we had among the rest that we ordered.


We had a Caesar Salad with Cajun Chicken as appetizer. It was $11.95.


This is one of the special of the day; Salmon Burger with Yam Fries. It’s served open faced and the salmon is drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Lorna loves the thickly cut yam fries. The special is $10.95. (more…)

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Breakfast at Old Country Buffet in Bellis Fair, Bellingham

With the new allowance for cross border shopping, the line up at the border crossing is expected to be longer.


It was not as bad as we thought as there were many lanes opened.


We stopped at Old Country Buffet for breakfast before our shopping spree since it was still early and some shops were not opened yet. The above was Ben’s first helping which was protein laden.

I can’t recall what was the exact price for the buffet breakfast; it’s less than USD6 and USD2 for drinks. If you do not want the drink option, they will give you a glass for water.


My first plate was a balance of protein and carbo.


Nanzaro’s choice was strictly protein. Oh! wait, there was some rice underneath the omelette. (more…)

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JJ’s Restaurant (VCC) on West Pender St., Vancouver

Lorna, Marian, Michelle (Marian’s daughter) and I met up for lunch at JJ’s Restaurant (VCC).


JJ;s Dining Room & Lounge is the practical ground for the Vancouver’s Culinary College.


The restaurant is spacious and the decoration is simple but elegant.


We were seated right in front of a wall TV which has online feed of the kitchen in action.


The table setting is of western style.


Complimentary warm bread and butter to start the meal.


I had the Charred Vancouver Island octoput, chorizo and chick pea stew for appetizer. It is $4. We found that the octopus was a tad too chewy. The chorizo and chick pea stew was good though with a light spiciness in it.


Marian had the soup of the day which was a lentil soup. It was quite bland. The soup is $2.50.


Lorna ordered the Salmon, prawn and scallion cake topped with pea shoots for appetizer. It is $4. This was pretty good as the seafood cake was crunchy on the outside. The Thai lemon grass sauce was slightly tangy and went well with the seafood cake.


Michelle’s appetizer looked the prettiest. The Shrimp and Avocado Salad is $4.00.  (more…)

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Casa Pinoy Restaurant on Bridgeport Road, Richmond

Casa Pinoy has been on our list of places to go for a long while. Apparently, this restaurant has been in business since March 2011.


Casa Pinoy is located on Bridgeport Road, in an industrial area. From the outside, it is a very unassuming place. It’s name indicates that it’s a Filipino restaurant.


But, the sign above will let you that there are a variety of food that you can have here. I brought Arkensen and Nanzaro here merely for the variety of food that we can have. That way, everyone is happy.


You can click on the menu above to have a larger view of their menu.


We came on a Saturday afternoon. It was not busy. I guess it’s more busy during the week days when the work force around the area come out for lunch. This restaurant seats about 50.


I had a coconut juice with pulp for $2.25. It came in a large can of 500ml. It is very refreshing with mild sweetness. The boys did not order a drink because they wanted to have the $1 McDonald’s ice coffee summer deal after lunch.

I came here for their Filipino dishes. I ordered the Chicken Inasal which was recommendation by the server. This is $8.99.


It is grilled chicken marinated in coco vinegar, garlic and pepper. It is served with rice pilaf. The whole grilled chicken leg tastes better … (more…)

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Cora Richmond

Cora has been on my list of places to visit for my ladies meet for a long while. However, their locations in Coquitlam and Surrey are a bit too far for us to travel to.


When I saw the sign that there will be one opening in Coppersmith Plaza in Richmond, I was very excited. This location was officially opened in April.


Cora was started by Cora in Montreal, Saint-Laurent district. It is a breakfast and lunch joint so that Cora can take care of her children after school. Her philosophy of high quality ingredients and service was so successful that it had turned into a franchise of over 120 restaurants across Canada.

The Cora in Richmond is bright and decorated cheerfully with artwork of their menu and chicken porcelains and antique tin cans. Cora opens early, 6:00AM. We were there slightly over 6:00AM for breakfast because Ben will be flying to Beijing on an early noon flight that day.  You know how time consuming flying is where you have to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight time for international flight. Ben always arrives at the airport early so that he can get his favourite window seat.


We were the first customers at Cora that morning. We had walked past Cora a week earlier during lunch hour and there was a line outside the restaurant. We were told by the manager of the restaurant that the restaurant is very busy between 11:30am to 2:00pm and there is always a line especially during weekend despite this restaurant can accommodate 156 customers.


We started our breakfast with coffee as usual. Free refills like most diners.


Ben had the Cora’s Special which is the most popular item on the menu, according to the server. Cora’s Special is … (more…)

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Ben’s First Burger after Returning from Beijing

The first thing Ben wanted to do on the first weekend after his return from Beijing was to go shopping in Bellingham. He wanted to shop for some clothing. Ben does not like the men’s clothing in Beijing. Guess where we had lunch?


Ben was yearning for a good burger and we had lunch at Shari’s in Bellingham. We had blogged about Shari’s in Bellingham here and Shari’s in Seattle here. Shari’s is a chain restaurant that opens 24 hours.


Ben ordered the Trail Boss which stacks high with ham, bacon, Swiss cheese  and most important of all a fried egg.  The fried egg is the reason Ben ordered this. The Trail Boss is $9.99.


It was impossible for Ben to eat the Trail Boss with his hands holding the burger up. So, he ate it like a gentleman with the fork and knife. He loves to add ketchup to his burger and fries.


Nanzaro ordered a Double R Ranch Double Stack Bacon Burger which is also $9.99. This is a 2-patty monsters. Unlike Ben, Nanzaro ate his burger like a cowboy. He squeezed the burger so hard that the buns actually broke up.

For the burger, the server asked if Nanzaro wanted the meat pink. Nanzaro wanted his pink. (more…)

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Christmas Luncheon at Starry Night behind Costco in Richmond

Emily S invited me and Lorna to a Christmas luncheon of a non-profit organization that she joined. The luncheon includes a talk on western dining etiquette and lucky draw. We came with the impression of paying the meal on our own but at the end, Emily S paid for us. Emily, thank you for Christmas luncheon and the talk on the dining etiquette was very informative.


We had visited Starry Night when it just opened. We visited the restaurant in February 2010. We enjoyed the food there during our first visit.


The decoration truely reflects the name of the restaurant. The ceiling is decorated like a starry night and it’s quite romantic.


The restaurant has 2 fire places which gives you a welcoming warm feeling in the cold winter days. (more…)

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Fenders Restaurant at the Richmond Automall

Polly and I met at the Fenders Restaurant in the Richmond Automall for breakfast simply because Polly has a car maintenance appointment at the automall. I think this is the only restaurant in the area. It caters for the surrounding businesses.


Fenders opens early on weekday i.e. at 7:00 AM. I have not visited this place although I had been to the automall for car maintenance many times. If it’s a short wait like less than 2 hours, I’ll just wait in the shop. Otherwise, if it’s a long wait like 4 hours, I’ll take the courtesy bus to Richmond Center.


Fenders is pretty big to my surprise. The section where I’m seated is very bright. There is even a private area that can be partitioned off for private party. The other side of the dining area has booth seats.


The breakfast menu is typical western style with eggs, bagel, pancake, french toast, etc.


The lunch and dinner menu include sandwiches, burgers, pasta and Chinese food. You can click on the menu to view them larger.


They also have a breakfast and lunch special menu. We did order one of the breakfast special item from above.


We had the French Toast with Coffee or Tea for $6.75. Coffee by itself is … (more…)

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Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe on W 4th Ave, Vancouver

I met up with Angie of Seasaltwithfood for lunch at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe in Kitsilano. It was a beautiful summer day. Kitsilano is a great neighborhood with lots of shops and restaurants.


The patio is opened and is full. Vancourites just love the sun. We read that there is always a line during the lunch hour at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe. We met around 11:30 AM to beat the crowd and were able to get a table without waiting.


Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe is very colourful. The restaurant is decorated with nostalgic memorabilia and it just simply looks very busy echoing it’s business.


On the table were a bottle of Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe home made ketchup. We did not try it because none of us order fries.


Angie had tea while I had coffee. There is option of cream or milk for our drinks. Coffee and tea is $2.59 respectively. As most diners, there is free refill for the coffee.


Angie ordered The Cosmic B.L.T with fried egg. The Cosmic B.L.T is 10.99 and the fried egg is $1.05. There is a few options for the bread but I cant recall what they are. Angie commented her bread … (more…)

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Vera’s Burger Express in Aberdeen Mall, Richmond

The summer vacation had started. Nanzaro is eager to come with me for some groceries shopping because I promised to bring him to the newly opened Vera’s Burger Express in Aberdeen Mall in Richmond.


Although it is still early around 11:00AM, there is a short line up. Nanzaro told me that this location was a Burger King before Vera’s Burger Express took over. He sure has better memory than me.


For the opening of this location, Vera’s Burger Express advertised in the local newspaper by offering a $5 coupon. This offer expires on 30th June 2011.


Vera’s Burger seems to have won numerous awards for their burger as displayed on the banner at the store front.


Vera’s Burger Express has an opened kitchen where we can see the action going. Occasionally, we can see the flames from the grilling of the burger. This is what Nanzaro ordered, … (more…)

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