Paris Day 3: The Louvre

On the third day in Paris, we went to visit The Louvre. Louvre is one of the largest palaces in the world. It’s the former residence of former kings of France. It’s also the world most visited museum.


The Paris Pass allows us to skip the lining up as there is a fast track entry with the pass.


Our priority is to check out the Mona Liza first before it gets too crowded. I was surprised how small the painting is.


The next item on our list is The Wedding Feast. (more…)

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Paris Day 2: Dinner

Before we went back to see the Eifel Tower, we had dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant.


French cuisine has a lot of influence on Vietnamese Cuisine as Vietnam was colonized by the French in the 19th century. We are quite sure that the French army did bring back Vietnamese cuisine to France. So, we decided to try out a Vietnamese restaurant here.


The usual bean sprouts (raw) and basil were served for a pho that we ordered.


The pho was pretty good. (more…)

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Paris Day 2: Sight Seeing

After visiting the Bastille Sunday Market, Ben brought me to see the Eifel Tower, a must visit tourist attraction in Paris.


Eifel Tower is an observation and radio broadcasting tower. It held the tallest record in the world from 1889 to 1930.


A close up view of the tower. At the time we were here, the line to go up the tower was very long. So, we did not go up the tower.


We went to look for the Statue of Liberty instead. (more…)

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Paris Day 2: Bastille Sunday Market

We went to pick up our Paris Pass which we bought online prior the trip. We bought the 6 days pass for EUR392 for 2 people.


After picking up the pass, we went to Bastille Sunday Market. We love to explore the local market. There are lots of vendors ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to cheese, seafood, poultry, clothing, etc. It is one of the biggest markets in Paris.


We had a Lebanese Crepe for breakfast.


If I remembered correctly, the crepe is called Moiti Moiti and it was filled with sesame seeds and herbs. The crepe cost EUR3.


Ben loves the baguette in Paris. So, we bought a baguette for EUR1.20. (more…)

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Day 1 in Paris

After the nap, we ventured out to see Paris for the first time, that is for me. Ben had been to Paris 7 years ago.


We walked along Montparnesse to Saint Michel to Jardin Du Lexemburg. The above is the church of Notre-Dame-des-Champs located on boulevard du Montparnese.


Statue of Marshal Ney, Montparnesse.


Copper horse statues in fountain, Montparnesse.


A park leading to Jardin du Luxembourg. (more…)

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Flying to Paris

Here I go again. Blogging about a vacation which took place in late May and early June 2014.  This time it’s Paris.

Our flight itinerary was YVR to Chicago (4 hours flight) and Chicago to Franckfurt (8 hours flight) and Frankfurt to CDG (1 hour and 10 minutes flight).

We had lunch at the Chicago airport during the transit.




We had the Chicago style hot dog which is served without ketchup.

America's Dog Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Goodbye Seoul

We had an early flight back to Beijing. We woke up at 4:00AM to get ready to the airport. The hotel concierge told us it’s too early to call for a cab. So, we had to walk to the main road to try to catch a cab. Fortunately, we did not have to wait long to get one.


The cab fare was KRW46,000 (about CAD46) which included a toll charge of KRW8,000 (CAD8). The ride took 45 minutes. It is much cheaper to take the subway if it’s not for such an early flight.


The airport was relatively quiet at the early hour. (more…)

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Seoul Day 8: Supper

After stuffing ourselves with pastries from Paris Croissant, we had to skip dinner. But later that night, we felt a little hungry. So, we went to a neighborhood pub to…

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Seoul Day 8: Paris Croissant

After lunch, we explored the neighborhood a bit more.


We came upon Paris Croissant, a bakery and cafe. Guess what, it’s tea time.


We shared a Pull Away Monkey Bread. It was laden with gooey goodness. It had a smoky coffee flavour and it’s not as sweet as it looks. (more…)

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