Ajisen Ramen in Richmond

Updated: 2nd Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed.

Not sure about you but Ramen does conjure images of school days when we could not afford three square meals and all we had was meals after meals of instant noodles. For some reason, I loved instant noodles then. Am not sure what it is about instant noodles and kids … my boys are simply addicted to those stuff too.


We went to Ajisen Ramen not too long ago for dinner with Nanzaro. Since he likes noodles, we thought we should just give it a try. Ajisen is located in the Parker Place Mall in Richmond. It’s on the eastern side of the mall, the part facing Hazelbridge Way. You won’t miss it, driving along Hazebridge.


Inside, it does look kind of Japanese with gaudy coloured pink chairs and all. When we walked in they shouted greetings in Japanese. I’ve never been to Japan before but my impression of how a Japanese restaurant is like is exactly just like that.

Despite that pretense, to us it is a Cantonese restaurant because the people who work there all spoke in Cantonese.


We got seated and was promptly handed the menu. ALL menus should be like these if you ask me. Simple names and pictures to show how it looks like (or at least how it is supposed to look like). I like especially the “Recommended!” notations above some of the dishes. It takes brain work out of choosing from an unfamiliar menu.


The condiments on the tables were interesting. We like roasted minced garlic but what was really exciting was the whatchamacallit chili sprinkles. Boy, they sure was HOT. We can really take hot food but this one has a lot of oomph. Try with caution!


I ordered the Ajisen Spicy Ramen which costs $7.75. When I ordered I was asked the degree of spiciness I wanted it. It was a choice of something like 50, 100 and 150 degrees. Whatever the choices were, I knew I ordered the “150”.

Oh boy! It surely must have been one of the most spicy dishes I had ever tried. I mean, I grew up with spicy food but this one is too spicy for me. My tongue and lips were actually numbed by it, no kidding. I was sweating profusely and felt a tad dizzy. Whew! It was great fun.

If you ask me if I would order this again … I’d say I would.

BTW, what do you call this kind of ramen in milky broth? Hakata Ramen, right?


Suanne and I are beyond speechless with Nanzaro. They ordered (what else?) fried rice AGAIN! Ajisen had Chicken Fried Rice for $7.75. It was quite fragrant. Thumbs up from Nanzaro … he knows fried rice.


Suanne ordered the Tenderous Ribs Rice Set which costs $7.50. Suanne likes food served in many dishes, the more the better.


It was quite good. It was like half tendons and half shanks. Actually, Suanne never liked tendons but ordered this since it was one of the “Recommended!” items on the menu. She had the leaner meat and left the delicious tendons to me.

The total bill comes to $28 including tax and tips. We love this and will definitely visit again some day … I just got to try the 150 degrees ramen noodles again.

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  1. Chubbypanda

    Lol. All the men in my family are addicted to ramen as well. Instant or fresh, we love them both.

  2. RobynT

    I am a total ramen junkie too–whether it costs 20 cents or eight dollars! I think it is my ultimate comfort food. My husband only likes “good” ramen. I guess the package kind doesn’t have the same nostalgic appeal for him. My dad would make it late at night, maybe after we got back from the movies or something. And we would put leftover meat, chicken, fishcake, or veggies on top. Yum…

  3. yumsinger

    Hi Ben and Suanne,

    Just wanted to let you know that I still enjoy your blog all the way from Hong Kong. Besides correspondence with family and friends, this is the only thing I read to stay in touch with what is happening in Vancouver. And everytime, I think, ah home!!

  4. monkey

    Hi Suanne and Ben:

    I love ramen (fresh or packaged). The food at the Richmond restaurant looks great. You should check out Kintaro Ramen on 788 Denman Street. I have heard that the noodles are delicious.

  5. LotusRapper

    Mmm that looks very delicious. Good to see a real ramen joint in Richmond. I’ll have to check it out one day.

  6. Jessica

    OMG I am going to have to go there just for the pink chairs!!!!

  7. EJ

    And when Ben says 150 was spicy hot, it must be!

  8. Dice

    The milky broth is called “tonkotsu” 🙂

  9. cissy

    HI Bebn & Suanne,
    I’m going to Richmond tomorrow, will try the Ajisen Spicy Ramen ,yum:P

  10. cissy

    sorry Ben, typo on your name:P

  11. anon

    ton= pork kotsu= bone
    the broth is made from lots of pig bones and cooked long enough to extract marrows (thus the color).
    Here’s a funny story; when my mom was living in Japan, she met vegetarians (they were from the US) who often ordered ramen without meat, thinking it’s vegetarian.. lol
    and I think the place she met them was at Tonkotsu ramem shop. (other kinds of ramen broth are almost always non-vegetarian as well)

  12. KittyCat

    I enjoyed reading (and looking at) this post. Also learned a bit about Japanese Ramen.

    Glad to know there’s someone else other than me who likes food in many dishes. Suane – I’m just like you when I eat out 🙂

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