Random Eats in Beijing – Yoshinoya

Ben and I wanted a light dinner since we had hot pot lunch at Xiabu Xiabu. Unfortunately, no photography is allowed at Xiabu Xiabu.


Ben decided to have our dinner take out from Yoshinoya, a Japanese fast food chain.


Ben wanted to show me the take out container from Yoshinoya, which is customized.


We had Yoshinoya’s most popular item, Beef on Rice. Ben told me when USA had a mad cow incidence sometime ago, there was a huge line-up at Yoshinoya because people were worried about the shortage of beef and this popular dish being discontinued temporary. When the crisis was over, there was a huge celebration at Yoshinoya when this dish was put back on the menu.


The take out container came in two compartments; the bottom for rice and the top for the beef. This way, the rice will not be too soggy.


The beef was tender and slightly sweetish with onions.

Beef on Rice was RMB21 (CAD3.50).

5 thoughts on “Random Eats in Beijing – Yoshinoya

  1. What a unique container! The US doesn’t even have this feature of separated rice and meat: everything is just placed in a regular styrofoam container: round ones for a “regular size” and larger take out style boxes for “large.”

  2. Yoshinoya is the McDonald’s of Gyu Don (beef on rice) and located all over Japan. I wish they would open up in Canada because Vancouver is ready for it. It’s fast food but actually really delicious and probably not as unhealthy as a fried burger.

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