Random Eats in Beijing – Golden Leopard International Buffet – Part 1

Ben and I went for lunch at Golden Leopard International Buffet on a Friday.


This is the biggest buffet we had ever been too. Buffet lunch is at RMB198 (CAD33) per person and limit to 1 1/2 hours.


There is even a life band performing in the buffet.


The spread is huge. There is even a map of the spread for your guidance.


Here were some of the food that we had. The above was mushroom soup top with pastry.


More Asian style soups.


Dim sum and roast duck.


More dim sum items, scallop, fish, …


Marinated items, tofu, pork stomach, …


More seafood.


There are some items that are prepared upon order. The above pegs were given to us to order such items. We dropped the pegs at the station to place our order and the food will be delivered to our table.


Steak is one of the item that need to be ordered.

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  1. Kelly

    My girls and I will be in Beijing this summer – my Mandarin is very rusty, and my understanding of written Chinese is nill. Do they happen to have the maps, food labels in English too?

    1. Suanne

      Hi Kelly, a lot of the restaurants in Beiijing have menu with photos and English label. We refer to google map for direction.

      1. Kelly

        Thank you Suanne. I meant the map of the food stations in this restaurant thta you posted the photo of! 🙂 This looks like a place my girls would enjoy, and I just wondered if you happened to know if they had any English labels or an English version of the food station map. Thank you!

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