Double East Cuisine, No. 3 Road, Richmond

We had an early lunch at Double East Cuisine which has replaced the previous tenant, Jubilant.


Since we were there early, parking is not a problem.


The interior looks much better now.


Ben ordered his favourite Rice in Soup with Oyster and Minced Pork. The broth was quite salty from the preserved vegetables. This is $8.25.


Nanzaro could not decide what he wants. When the server brought a Fried Sticky Rice with preserved meat for a neighbouring table, she just briefly showed us the dish when she walked past our table and recommended that it is good. Nanzaro bought into it and ordered it and it was good. It has a good flavour from the dried shrimp and he likes the al-dante chewy sticky rice. This is $7.95. Nanzaro said he will come back again for this after class some time later.


Complementary daily soup of pork and some kind of root vegetable.


I ordered Deep Fried Cod Fillet & Tofu on Rice which is also $7.95. It was a big serving. There is generous amount of sauces for the rice. I just had a couple of small bowls and brought home the leftover for Arkensen.


This is a good place for lunch. The server even asked us if we wanted to see the late night menu as they are pretty flexible.

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