KD Restaurant at Parker Place, Richmond

On the last Saturday of March, Ben wanted to have ramen for lunch. We went to Parker Place as we remembered there is a ramen restaurant that we have not try before. It was at the location where Ajisen Ramen used to be and this location had changed hand several times.


When we arrived, we were surprised to see that it’s a new Hong Kong style restaurant now, KD Restaurant.


There are a lot of flowers gifts inside and outside the restaurant. We also found that some of the servers look very familiar.


Arkensen ordered his favourite HongKong style noodle, i.e. Satay Beef with instant noodles. This came with bok choy, better than other restaurants which serve sweet peppers in this noodle which Arkensen does not like.


Ben ordered the Minced Pork with Salted Fish Clay Pot Rice. It is meant to be a single serving but this is enough for two small eaters.


Ben found that the portion of salted fish was too much for the size of this hot pot rice. It was overly salty.


The clay pot rice came with some bok choy on the side. This is bland as they are just blanched without any seasonings.


I ordered the Korean style Stone Rice with Korean style Sliced Beef. Both Ben and my order took a while to arrive, understandably. The ingredients in my Korean style Stone Rice include carrot, kimchi, cucumber, bean sprout and sunny side up egg.


Here is the Korean style sliced beef which was not quite visible from the photo above.


I did not quite like my dish because the rice was soggy and there is not much flavour except for the kimchi flavour.


The usual drinks that come with the meal, free hot drink and extra $1 for cold drink.


As this is a new restaurant, the servers are not familiar with the setting. The servers came to our table four times with orders not belong to our table.

KD Restaurant Menu (1)KD Restaurant Menu (2)KD Restaurant Menu (3)KD Restaurant Menu (4)

KD Restaurant Menu (5)KD Restaurant Menu (6)

You can click on the menu above to have a larger view.

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