Silkway Halal Cuisine on Saba Road, Richmond

I picked Silkway Halal Cuisine for Mother’s Day and birthday celebrations. I felt short change because my birthday is near mother’s day and I only got to celebrate once.


The parking spots at rear are quite small and difficult to park.


This was a Sichuan restaurant before and now it changed to a halal restaurant. So, Muslim can eat here.


The decoration is still the same as the previous restaurant. The theme of wooden furniture has an antique look to it. Arkensen commented that the chairs are very uncomfortable as they are hard.


We saw the Chinese award plaque as we walk to our table.


We ordered the award wining Sliced Lamb with Pickled Cabbage in Hot Pot. It was alright. The sourness of the pickled cabbage kind of whet up our appetite. This soup is slightly spicy as there are some green chilies in it.

However, the sliced lamb was a little thick and had some chewiness to it. At the end of the meal when the server was packing the leftovers for us, he told us that this is not a popular dish of the restaurant. Only few people order this dish. They have no idea who submitted the entry to the Chinese Restaurant Awards Committee. It was a surprise for the restaurant.


The next dish is Xinjiang Chicken Stew (a.k.a Da Pan Ji in Mandarin). We enjoyed this dish while Ben was posted in Beijing for two years. The chicken stew is slightly spicy and accompanied with potatoes and bell peppers.


The hand made noodle which usually comes with this dish has to be ordered separately, $3 per serving. The noodle is just perfect to soak up the sauce.


The last dish we ordered was Mixed Vegetables in Chili Oil. It has various meat balls and slice meat in it. I love the wood ear and cabbages too. This dish has a numbing spiciness to it.


There is also some vermicelli at the bottom of the pot. The sauce is really great with steamed rice. However, the boys said it was too oily.


The serving is big. We had lots of leftover to take home.


Silkway Halal Cuisine accepts credit card for bill above $30.

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